Outer Planets Call for Integrity – Feb 10

The image above was posted online just 3 days ago. It is a perfect example of the Sun Square to Jupiter that exacts on Saturday night (see below). If you put the sum total of the Outer Planet Transits together, you would see that corruption in our public structures MUST be replaced with integrity. Pluto has been showing us the ‘corruption’ or shadow side of our public structures and bringing each of us back to our individual sovereignty. Integrity of our systems (Saturn) relies on the integrity of each individual (Jupiter in Scorpio). Making these ideals into the global arena applying them to all is very Aquarian principle. When Saturn Conjuncts Pluto from 2019-2020 we can expect there to be a very focused effort for us to put integrity as our highest public structure.

Just 5 days to the Solar Eclipse! Things are moving quickly and decisively forward. CHANGE is what a Solar Eclipse in Aquarius is all about it. Roll with it. You will land at a new place with some cleared emotions from the Lunar Eclipse and able to move decisively on to a new chapter.

At 6:19pm (EST) on Saturday Venus Ingresses Pisces.

From now until Mar 6 our desires, values, beauty and available resources will be undergoing some subconscious realignment. Some old ways of earning or beautifying ourselves could be ending in order for some new methods to appear when Venus Ingresses Aries on Mar 6. We can expect to have dreams around new ways of earning, new values, etc. Depending on the House where you have Pisces in your Natal Chart it is a very common thing to experience some duality here with women. If a woman is getting what you desire, simply realize that you are manifesting some subconscious fears and let them go. Once gone, you may be able to assume the position you were desiring.

At 6:21pm the Sun at 22:10 Aquarius Squares Jupiter at 22:10 Scorpio.

Just 2 minutes after Venus slips into Neptune’s depth, we have some expansive and unexpected clarity exact. The Sun in Aquarius is helping us to set new goals around social networking, groups, and necessary changes we need to make. Jupiter has been holding us up to some higher consciousness intimate philosophy. There is a Square between these 2 energies. Scorpio is Fixed Water (aka emotion). Aquarius is Fixed Air (aka detached emotion). How do we accomplish both caring and not really caring? The highest vibration of Aquarius is compassion… aka NON-Judgment, acceptance of all that is. You can see the dilemma here. So the issue is how to balance both ends right now. That is the challenge. How will compassion allow you to shape a better intimate philosophy? Intimacy is both ‘sex’ and sharing of resources (or really your use of other peoples’ resources). Get it right. Jupiter’s higher vibration is NOT legal action as we have been seeing so much of with the sexual harassment stuff, but rather accepting our own consciousness around any fears we have in doing intimacy. We are in tax season now as well. Jupiter will want us to apply Scorpionic INTEGRITY to all that entails.

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