Through the Eclipse – Feb 15

At 10:58pm (EST) on Wednesday night Venus at 5:15 Pisces Semi-Squares Pluto at 20:15 Capricorn.

Her 3rd aspect to Pluto since beginning their current cycle on Jan 9 Conjunct at 19:04 Capricorn. This aspect pulls in some subconscious issue and some irritation which will make intimacy and touch a more tougher to navigate. Venus is dissolving her desires and some of her own resources as she wades through Piscean waters. What does she need to divest herself of in order share some career or social status with an intimate partner?

At 12:29am on Thursday the Sun at 26:28 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 26:28 Pisces.

Some productive Soul (Chiron) Awareness (Aquarius) that allows us to set new goals to align with the Eclipse. Chiron has not yet passed through the degree of the 2nd Heartbreak Transit that occurred last Apr 30 at 27:18 Sagittarius/Pisces. So we may also be seeing into ways to move clear of any pain stemming from that time.

At 10:07am Mercury at 25:23 Aquarius Sextiles Uranus at 25:23 Aries.

Mercury will be Conjunct the Sun and Moon during the Solar Eclipse so words and ideas that our conscious mind gets through some revelation and flashes of insight are likely to light up the road ahead of this Eclipse cycle (over the next 6 months or more).

At 4:05pm the Moon at 27:08 Aquarius Conjuncts the Sun at 27:08 Aquarius creating the New Moon Solar Eclipse.

Change is in the air. Shocking, surprising, unexpected new goals can be realized in a flash as we feel the energies of this Eclipse. This change no doubt has elements dealing with groups vs your own limelight, revelation vs creativity and high human ideals vs individual romance and entertainment (across the Leo/Aquarius axis). With both the Sun and Moon Conjunct, our public purpose and private emotions are in sync with the Aquarian side of this axis asking us to consider ‘group think’ or personal star power.

The House where you have 27:08 Aquarius will tell more of the details of the Rapid Change, Fresh Start of the Eclipse. On Jan 31 we felt some ending or culminating energies at the Lunar Eclipse that created an opening for a new beginning. That beginning is seeded NOW with the Eclipse of the Sun.

At 6:19pm Venus at 6:16 Pisces Sextiles Saturn at 6:16 Capricorn.

Minus the irritation of Venus’ Semi-Square to Pluto, we now have the desire to initiate some new structures around our career and social status. While it may feel as though Saturn is restricting an area of our lives where we have 6+ Capricorn in our Natal Charts, he is actually helping us to focus on building structures that will withstand the next 28+-year cycle of Saturn. 2nd Graders who are in their Opening Saturn Square are being called to ‘grow up’ and create structures in their lives that assist them in moving to the next grade level. That is what Saturn does. Venus in Pisces needs to work productively with our subconscious mind to bring about results that don’t trip us up but that allow us to leave old fears behind.

And so we are through the Eclipse energy and ready to embark on new goals and objectives for the next 6+ months. Eclipses bring us through Rapid Change and close chapters and open new beginnings. Are you open to what is happening? And you allow the Universe to move you through things without much resistance? That would be awareness.

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