If You’re Going thru Hell, Keep on Movin’ – Feb 17

At 1:26am (EST) on Saturday Mercury at 26:32 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 26:32 Pisces.

This is Mercury’s last aspect in his current cycle with Chiron before they will Conjunct at 27:28 Pisces on Mar 4 beginning a new cycle. AND it is Mercury’s last aspect from Aquarius as he will Ingress Pisces at 11:28pm on Saturday night. This means that Mercury will be moving 3.5 degrees in a 24-hour time-frame. Which means he will be Retrograding in the near future: Mar 22 to be exact.

Chiron has not yet cleared the degrees of the Heartbreak Squares of the late 2016 through 2017. So we have that up ahead to move through as well. Today what we speak or hear may hearken back to some of that wounding, but with a twist of awareness as Aquarian energy likes to bring. CHANGE is the answer here. Change to higher, Soul-level, awareness to move through the next few weeks.

At 6:20am Mars at 13:22 Sagittarius Square Neptune at 13:22 Pisces.

Our motivations could literally trip us up here. A Square with subconscious energy can be a challenge to move through. Thankfully Mars does keeping moving. Its a bit like the song: “if you’re going through hell keep on moving, don’t slow down, yada yada yada, you might get out before the Devil even knows you’re there!” That’s the hope for this aspect. Move right through it! Move so fast no fear can catch you;) Fear is a lie anyway, right?





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