From Eclipse to Ocean Depths – Feb 18-20

There has been quite a reaction to the last post of ‘Going Thru Hell’ that I thought I might mention it again. ‘Hell’ is in our own subconscious minds, Neptune. Mars rules infection and in Sagittarius this can be expanded… bad flu, head cold, etc. The Square between them could create excessive drinking or escapist tendencies or merely more work while we are motivated for vacation. But as it is Mars’ energy at play, we could move fast enough to not really feel the Karmic reverb of our subconscious fear in time. That inspired the ‘keep on moving’ part;) And the craziest part is that I skipped right over the Superior Conjunction, so to catch us up, it is all here from Saturday morning through Monday night.

At 7:27am (EST) on Saturday the Sun at 28:47 Aquarius Conjunct Mercury at 28:47 Aquarius.

This is their ‘Superior Conjunction’ which is the half-way point of their current cycle (roughly a 165-day cycle) which begins at their Inferior Conjunction (when Mercury is Retrograde). Saturday was one of only about 6 days each year where our conscious mind (Mercury) is in sync with our real-time purpose and goals (Sun). It is a very clarifying time that moves on to be unstable down the road.

This cycle began on Dec 21 at 21:14 Sagittarius with Mercury Rx. In Sagittarius, Mercury and the Sun will helping us align our goals and ideas with the new spiritual philosophy Saturn had us working on as he Transited Sagittarius over the last 3 years. Now they meet in Aquarius very near the Eclipse degree with Mercury Conjunct the Sun and Moon in the Eclipse chart. VERY clarifying time around change and what ‘Fresh Start’ the Solar Eclipse was promising us. CHANGE is a big part of Aquarian energy.  Do you know what change/s you will be making over the next 6 months?

At 11:28pm on Saturday Mercury Ingresses Pisces.

At 12:18pm on Sunday the Sun Ingresses Pisces.

This is quite a significant energy shift here. On Saturday morning we get in sync with the changes on our horizon, but as both Mercury and the Sun join Venus in Pisces (and the Moon through there for a bit longer), we are suddenly falling into the ocean depths and losing much of the awareness we just had. Why? Because Pisces is where we dissolve things and structures and we dive down to bring up some new ideas/issues or knowledge to help us launch a new cycle when these 3 Personal Planets (Venus, Mercury, Sun) Ingress Aries.

So if you found yourself losing some of the sudden inspiration of the Eclipse, just know that now we are in ‘Incubation Mode’ until we hit dry land again beginning on Mar 6 when both Mercury and Venus Ingress Aries. The Sun won’t get there until Mar 20 as that is the Spring Equinox.

But for now, we wade through the murky waters of Pisces encountering subconscious obstacles to our fresh start so we can overcome them to bring about the real fresh start.

At 4:06am on Monday Venus at 10:32 Pisces Semi-Squared Uranus at 25:32 Aries.

You may have had your dreams interrupted with some irritation or worry around your finances, beauty or desires and how to manage your path to freedom as some of our personal resources seem to be dissolving at the moment.

At 6:25pm on Monday Mars at 14:52 Sagittarius Trines the North Node in Leo.

Here is some tangible energy we can use for fun, entertainment, romance or creativity. We are pursuing adventure at the first hint that our ‘head cold’ or flu-like symptoms are clearing up. We likely are not involving a crowd. This is fun for our own sake and we know that we need it!

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