Seeing What is Dissolving & Expressing It – Feb 25/26

Sunday offers several aspects of men and women at odds, subconscious communications, clarity and accountability and Soulful adjustment.

At 7:01am (EST) Venus at 18:11 Pisces Squares Mars at 18:11 Sagittarius.

Here our beauty and actions, our finances and motivations, our throat and infections, our relationships and our philosophy are at odds. Or we are at odds with our own female/male energies.

At 7:26am Mercury at 13:40 Pisces Conjuncts Neptune at 13:40 Pisces.

This begins a new cycle between our conscious and subconscious minds. The old cycle is ending and using our gills to dive deep into Pisces’s waters, we can bring up new ideas to the surface or physical reality once Mercury Ingresses Aries. Words spoken today will come from a deep place of omniscience.

At 12:26pm the Sun at 7:04 Pisces Sextiles Saturn at 7:04 Capricorn.

Here we have some subconscious clarity around things that are currently dissolving, where we have 7+ Pisces in our Natal Chart, and where we are initiating new structures for our career, authority and ability to be a bread-winner. Its a helpful day to get some insight into how the Karmic Planets work and how dissolving leads to building and vice versa.

At 10:17pm Mercury at 14:50 Pisces Quincunx the North Node at 14:50 Leo.

What our conscious mind is beginning to bring up from the depth of our subconscious mind needs to be adjusted to the Soul’s calling around romance, creativity, children and entertainment.

At 1:01am on Monday Venus at 19:07 Pisces Quintiles Saturn at 7:07 Capricorn.

Our subconscious desires will be effortlessly achieved as we build towards our career goals.

NOTE: I am sorry that I have missed some days of blogging, but Saturn has been applying to Conjunct my Capricorn Stellium and some long-standing issues have been raised for someone in my immediate family. Will perhaps share more as time moves forward and progress is realized.

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