From Desires to Ideas Expressed – Feb 27/28

At 5:20am (EST) on Tuesday Venus at 20:35 Pisces Sextiles Pluto at 20:35 Capricorn.

Since the Solar Eclipse on Feb 15, Venus has been running a gauntlet of aspecting all of the Outer Planets except Jupiter, the North Node and Mars. So we should be seeing some new desires begin to surface for us, or new finances, beauty, love, etc. There has been plenty of opportunities to see what these desires are about. When Mercury Conjuncts Venus on March 4 we will begin to speak and SEE some of our new subconscious desires manifest. This productive aspect to Pluto will allow our desires to work with an intimate partner’s authority as well. We may choose to merge our resources with another’s or to be sexually and sensually involved. Is this the intimate partner you suspected it would be?

At 10:49am Venus at 20:52 Pisces Biquintiles the North Node at 14:52 Leo.

This is double-magic around your new desires and the Soulful lessons of the North Node in Leo regarding romance, creativity, entertainment and children. You may find some resources coming to you through your children or you could provide resources to them… all without anyone asking as it is just the magical right thing to do. Or you could find a woman offering you some of her resources to apply towards the Leo areas of your life. Some of what you see manifest may still have a hidden component for now until Venus Ingresses Aries and we can see these new desires brought into our physical reality.

At 6:33am on Wednesday Mercury at 19:17 Pisces Quintiles Saturn at 7:17 Capricorn.

Some effortless, magical expressions around the new structures we are initiating in our careers and public status areas of life. Mercury is beginning to apply the things he came to know as he was Conjunct Neptune on Sunday. These new ideas will magically support Saturn’s efforts in building new public structures for each of us and for our collective reality as well.

At 6:56pm Mercury at 20:15 Pisces Squares Mars at 20:15 Sagittarius.

Not the easiest of words. There is likely to be aggression that over-the-top for what the situation really calls for. Or you may find yourself acting in bigger ways than you imagined you would. There is likely to be a connection to Sunday morning’s actions when Venus Squared Mars. How might your new conscious ideas not mesh with your new spiritual philosophy?

At 11:42pm Mercury at 20:38 Pisces Sextiles Pluto at 20:38 Capricorn.

This could be the transfer of any monies agreed upon as Venus Sextiled Pluto yesterday. Or you may find your can express your ideas to some authority and it sits well with both of you.

At 2:39am on Thursday Mercury at 20:51 Pisces Biquintiles the North Node at 14:51 Leo.

Here we can express our new desires that we will be carrying into the next annual cycle after both Mercury and Venus were Conjunct Neptune. As they Conjunct on Mar 4 and then Ingress Aries we will begin to see what the next year holds for us. We are birthing some new situations. Yes, they are likely the result of the Eclipse cycle as well, but we are leaving some things behind as we arrive at some new ideas surfacing from the depths of Pisces.

The rest of Thursday brings us the lead-up to the Full Moon at 11:23 Virgo. We are officially out of the Eclipse Wormhole though we may realize we are on some new ground that just suddenly came up via the Eclipse and the ease of releasing things as the Personal Planets Transit through Pisces.


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