Full Moon in Virgo – Mar 1

Its a busy day aspect-wise and an emotional peak around health, work, fitness matters.

At 6:22am (EST) Venus at 23:08 Pisces Trines Jupiter at 23:08 Scorpio.

Jupiter is slowing down for his Retrograde Station, but this Trine between the 2 Healing Planets can expand our imagination to create new resources, dream-like realities around love and intimacy. The Trine is a Transitional aspect allowing you to move from 3D to 5D energy. New desires around intimacy and shared resources could be coming through.

At 9:23am the Sun at 10:57 Pisces Semi-Squares Uranus at 25:57 Aries.

26 minutes from the Full Moon exactness, this aspect shows that Uranus will be at play with the Full Moon. The Sun in Pisces is granting us clarity around our new desires and ideas for the next annual cycle. The Sun is trailing Mercury and Venus and offering further definition to what they have spoken and the desires you have begun to realize. Uranus is helping us to find our personal path to freedom and the Semi-Square means the revelations here could irritate in a jarring sort of way.

At 10:32am Mars at 20:38 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Pluto at 20:38 Capricorn.

This is a helpful aspect between the co-rulers of Scorpio. It can be intense, but productive here. You have been applying your new spiritual philosophy and now you get to see how your own use of power needs to align with it as well. You won’t overstep here or overreach, you are likely to hit the target with someone in authority or who holds some sway with you.

At 6:00pm Chiron at 27:18 finally reaches the degree of the 2nd Heartbreak Transit and will begin to separate from all of the energy of late 2016-2017! Yay! We have made it.

It is very likely that some of the stories have returned to test you one last time to use your new spiritual philosophy to move through any pain. You’ve GOT this! The Universe DOES have your back if you will only surrender to what is before you and see it for what it is… an experience!

At 7:51pm the Moon at 11:23 Virgo Opposes the Sun at 11:23 Pisces creating the Full Moon.

Here you need to strike a balance between your faith and your external practices involving health, work, fitness, daily activities, etc. There is likely some compelling story where you need to TRUST that things can work out just fine. Now is the time to use that FAITH and to understand how your imagination (Pisces) can determine the outcome (Virgo). We are through the Eclipse Wormhole and focusing on what lies ahead even though we may not see it all just yet as 3 of the Personal Planets Transit through Pisces where things can be hidden.

Having faith in the unseen realms allows you to move through the Piscean fog with courage and certainty of the outcome.

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