Subconscious Revelations & Clarity

On 8:05am on Friday Mercury at 23:09 Pisces Trined Jupiter at 23:09 Scorpio.

Here we had some words that expressed our new desires from Thursday as Venus made the same aspect to Jupiter. We are beginning to express the new ideas we are gestating as the Personal Planets move through Pisces. We are mere days (4 to be exact) from the birthing of these plans and desires as Mercury and Venus Ingress Aries on Mar 6. Jupiter is moving slowly as he pulls into his Retrograde Station on Mar 8 at 23:13 Scorpio. Mercury this morning expressed the point Jupiter is making through is Station. Integrity, honesty, global view of physical and financial sharing.

Until Mar 8 we are still in the ‘All Planets Direct’ mode. Its not all that common to have this period of time so see if you can FEEL how each Planet’s energies shift with their change of direction. Mercury will Station Rx on May 22 at 16:54 Aries. We will begin some review of our new ideas that we recently birthed at that time. How we initiate communication will be the focus on his Rx cycle.

At 2:30pm on Saturday Venus at 26:03 Pisces Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 26:03 Aries.

As our new desires for beauty, resources and love are still gestating, we will receive some change to them that offers a clearer look at what is ahead. With Uranus, we can see through Pisces’ fog and into the future a bit allowing us to stay on track. Use this shocking and surprising energy to your best advantage. If the person who you thought you desired is suddenly someone unexpected, embrace it and let it unfold.

At 9:49pm Mercury at 26:03 Pisces Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 26:03 Aries.

As both Venus and Mercury meet Uranus on the same degree and minute, we can expect to hear from someone we weren’t planning on. Or we could make the contact and surprise ourselves. Either way, words and ideas will herald a change to our path ahead.

At 8:45am on Sunday the Sun at 13:56 Pisces Conjuncts Neptune at 13:56 Pisces.

A clarifying day that will reveal some of the ‘why’ of the new cycle. Our new goals and purpose can be seen today as the Sun cuts through Neptune’s fog. Whereever you have Neptune Transiting by House over this next year, mark the clarity you receive today as these 2 Planets begin a new cycle. Neptune is dissolving and morphing this area of your life and aspects from the Sun give us a peak at what he is doing here. Watch for it!

The rest of Sunday, Mar 4, Mercury and Venus will Conjunct and then each will Conjunct Chiron on the degree of the 2nd Heartbreak Square from April 30, 2017. There can be some healing through words that help us move beyond the pain and into a new cycle just 2 days later. Leave the Heartbreak behind and soon you will seize the day on Mar 6.



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