Jupiter Stations & Powerfully, Magical Words & Desires – Mar 7-9

With both Mercury and Venus now in Aries, we are finally SEEING the actions that reflect our new Personal cycles. While Mercury and Venus were in Pisces, much of the Solar Eclipse ‘Fresh Start’ was delayed and the magical aspects of this week will help us all move into some new situations that were part of the Solar Eclipse.

At 5:31pm on Wednesday Mercury at 2:47 Aries Quintiles Pluto at 20:47 Capricorn.

This is some effortless communication with those who are our benefactors or who have a position of authority. Money could be received or initiated and the terms will be arrived at so easily it will simply fall into place.

At 11:46pm on Thursday Jupiter at 23:13 Scorpio Stations Retrograde.

Transiting Psyche has been within a 2 degree orb of Jupiter in Scorpio for several months now. This is expanding and accentuating the power of integrity around our intimate and financial sharing. The sexual harassment discussions has certainly been a part of this Conjunction and Jupiter’s purpose to help us arrive at a new philosophy in Scorpio areas of life: sex, taxes, child support, debts, loans, inheritance, etc. Scorpio’s highest vibration is honesty and transparency. Jupiter and Psyche are bringing out lessons emphasizing the role Scorpio plays in our lives. Knowing what motivates someone is what Scorpios are also seeking out. Jupiter is bringing this into the light of day so we can understand what real intimacy is. As Jupiter Stations Rx, we will be reviewing these issues. Psyche will Station Rx soon and not leave Jupiter’s side for a while yet. We need to put these issues to rest with new ideas that resolve some of it.

At 12:54am on Friday Venus at 2:48 Aries Quintiles Pluto at 20:48 Capricorn.

Now the money may be received from the negotiations that occurred on Wednesday when Mercury made the same aspect to Pluto. Or a woman could step in and offer you resources that align with the terms you set forth.

The magic continues on Saturday when the Sun Quintiles Saturn.

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