Soulful, Subconscious Boomerang FOG – March 2018

For most of this month, and most tightly over the next few days, we have a Finger of God in orb between Neptune at 14+ Pisces, the North and South Nodes at 13-14+ Leo/Aquarius and Black Moon Lillith at 13+ Capricorn applying to exact the others.

A Finger of God usually feels quite Karmic as it is formed by 2 Quincunx (Neptune and BML Quincunx the North Node) and a Sextile (BML Sextile Neptune). But with the Nodes of Fate involved, a FOG nozzle would normally flow the energy into the North Node position, but in this case the energy boomerangs back into the South Node in Aquarius.

Let’s look at the position of each of the points involved in order to sum up the synergy of this energy:

The North Node in Leo has us looking at entertainment, fun, creativity, romance and children from a Soulful perspective. Romance is less superficial at this time. We are reviewing Leo areas in ways that keep us from causing harm to others.

The South Node is where we are letting go of things from the last 9 year cycle of the Nodes. The South Node in Aquarius has us letting go of group things, group-think and the social network. We may be pulling away from technology in order to attend more to our romance, children and creative ventures. But this boomerang FOG has all the energy pouring back into the South Node so we are likely doing MORE of the South Node right now even if it feels draining.

BML in Capricorn is helping us all to focus on building new public structures and to focus on our own careers as well. Somehow we can see from a 5D point of view how to make career moves that will benefit us.

Neptune in Pisces is ending a cycle of our subconscious minds in order to arrive at some new processes that could further usher in the Age of Aquarius. There is plenty of collective energy here as we all have a better chance to realize our interconnected-ness and understanding of how the subconscious mind works.

Essentially, we have 5D building of new structures working productively with dissolving of old structures pouring into our Soul-level lessons around being the center of attention (Leo) and blending into the group-think (Aquarius). Visit my blog to see the image of the FOG and its position.

Figure out where each of these points are hitting your Natal Chart to discover the unique story of this FOG in your life. For me, it is definitely my daughter’s heart issue. Today she will receive a pacemaker as she is in heart block since her surgery. BML is Transiting her 5th House by Sun Sign which rules the heart. Leo rules the heart in her 12th House of isolation (hospital stay) and Neptune is exactly Opposite her Virgo Sun at the moment. The South Node is pouring into her 6th House of health. All is well:)

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