Magic & Mercury Stations Rx – Mar 22

At 1:57am on Thursday Mars at 2:36 Capricorn Quintiles Neptune at 14:36 Pisces.

Mars has just entered Saturn’s Shadow where he will Station Direct on Sep 6 at 2:33 Capricorn. Saturn will Quintile Neptune 2 more times between then with the 3rd Quintile on Sep 20 at 2:43 Capricorn. So on Thursday our motivations and actions may lead us to some situation that could be part of this 5D Karmic Transit between Saturn and Neptune. Someone else or ourselves could initiate something that results in effortless reward and fulfillment. It may have to do with our careers or structures we are building for Saturn’s Transit through Capricorn.

Mars in Capricorn is exalted but it is certainly different energy as it tends to slow down Mar’s usual fire. Saturn rules restriction and slow-going through careful steps. So if you have felt like things are slowing down over the last few days, you are right on.

At 8:19pm Mercury at 16:54 Aries Stations Retrograde.

Revision of our lower, 3D conscious mind over the next 3 weeks. Shouldn’t throw those of us who follow our Higher Mind Planetary energies, however. Mercury’s orbit, from the Earth’s perspective, takes him far ahead of the Sun and his vanity gets carried away with itself. It is time for him to touch base with reality again via his Inferior Conjunction. In this Rx cycle, Mercury will Retrograde back to 4:47 Aries and he will Conjunct the Sun on April 1st at 11:57 Aries. Mercury in Aries has us talking about initiating actions that will bring us into this new annual cycle. Aries is where things begin via action before thought, even. Look at the House where you have 4:47-16:54 Aries to see WHO is involved in this Rx cycle for you. These players may initiate communication with you that helps you on your personal path to freedom. Don’t expect snafus but roll with them if you encounter any changes. Trust in your Higher Minds to elevate you above any vanity blindspots.

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