Personal Higher-Minded Day – Mar 28/29

On Wednesday we have 3 aspects from the 3 Personal Planets Transiting through Aries to Higher Mind Planets. There is some good information to be had around our motivations and the new cycle that started when each of these Personal Planets Ingressed Aries.

At 5:26am (EST) the Sun at 7:39 Aries Ses-Squares Jupiter Rx at 22:39 Scorpio.

Clarity around how our personal motivations to satisfy our passions need to be adjusted to our sense of honesty and fairness around intimacy. Whether this is a money or a sex issue, the message is the same: honesty, integrity and clarity of intentions needs to be our biggest motivator.

At 6:01pm Mercury Rx at 14:50 Aries Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 14:50 Pisces.

This is the 2nd pass of Mercury in this aspect to Neptune. The first pass occurred on Mar 6 at 14:24 Aries. Now we are getting some revised information around what was planned, thought or communicated at that time. Aries energy is where we act before thinking so Mercury is very impetuous here. There is likely a necessary revision to slow the train down a bit;)

At 8:47pm Venus at 27:19 Aries Conjuncts Uranus at 27:19 Aries.

If you have noticed your desires to act on something taking an unexpected change, that is the energy of this aspect applying. You may suddenly want to change your hair, cut it all off or put a bold color on it. Or you could experience some love-at-first-sight-if-only-for-the-night type of attraction. Women could initiate the passion or divest themselves of some of their own resources for the benefit of a group of men or social networkers. Unusual attraction that pushes the limits of your usual desires is possible. You may simply desire pursuing your own path with your own money and leaving others behind.

Thursday we have just one aspect, but it will not go unnoticed.

At 10:16 am the Sun at 8:50 Aries Squares Saturn at 8:50 Capricorn. We will likely be feeling this all day on Wednesday as we get some clarity why Saturn has been restricting our career efforts and we can begin to see how it can help us to build stronger foundations for the next 28+ years. Accept the slow pace and you will find you are just where you need to be. A Square is a challenge, but you can see the why of Saturn’s efforts through this aspect.

We have 5 aspects on Friday leading into the Full Moon at 10:45 Libra that exacts at 8:37am on Saturday. Friday will be a busy, and likely emotional, day!

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