Cycles of Time – Apr 8/9

As of Sunday morning we are just one week from Mercury’s Direct Station that occurs on Apr 15. But 2 days later, Apr 17, Saturn Stations Rx. On Apr 17 Chiron Ingresses Aries. Apr 19 the Sun Ingresses Taurus and on Apr 22 Pluto Stations Rx. On Apr 24 Venus Ingresses Gemini. This is all to point out how much shifting energy we will be going through over the next 2 weeks! By the end of April, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto will be Rx. If you are in a Karmic Return Transit, you will be going through the 2nd pass with your Karmic players. If you have Pluto hitting a Personal Planet or Angle, you will have to contend with another ‘asshole moment.’ You get the idea.

As Planets ‘Retrograde’ (or appear to from the Earth’s perspective) our cycles of time shake things up. Its important to note that as I am fond of saying ‘There is no such thing as Linear Time because NO Planet orbits in a straight line. ‘ Prepare to have situations change-up as Planets change direction. Planets Ingressing the next Sign are bringing us through the annual cycle of progression through the 12 Zodiac Signs.

At 8:55am (EST) on Sunday Mercury Rx at 6:49 Aries Ses-Squares Jupiter Rx at 21:49 Scorpio.

On Mar 11 Mercury Ses-Squared Jupiter Rx for the 1st time just a few days after Jupiter Stationed Rx on Mar 8. Mercury Stationed Rx on Mar 22. Though this aspect today occurs 2 degrees from the previous Ses-Square at 8:13 and 23:13 respectively, the storyline is likely the same as long as you don’t have these 2 Ses-Squares occurring in different Houses in your Natal Chart.

This aspect has us, or someone else, initiating words and actions in their personal interests though they would like to merge with you, or you with them, as well. Jupiter will ensure that you obtain their consent before pushing too far in financial or sexual sharing. They or you may find you have to adjust your actions or words in order to obtain their consent and all goes well. Honesty and transparency are required. With Mercury now Rx there can be a revision to some passion to merge that occurred near Mar 11.

At 3:53am on Monday Mars at 12:34 Capricorn Quincunx the North Node at 12:34 Leo.

So your words and actions on Sunday morning can lead you to a day of pursuing some romantic, creative or entertaining activities. But if you get carried away with what is good for you it is likely you will need to make a Soulful adjustment by this time on Monday morning. The NN in Leo is holding us to lessons on how to do Leo areas of life from a Soulful viewpoint. In other words, don’t just seek your own fun and gratification, keep in mind anyone you are sharing these activities with. Thankfully Mars is more cautious in Capricorn and likely to make an adjustment much easier than he might otherwise. He actions are most like slow-motion so it is easier to lift and shift to adjust what he is doing. You will want to be mindful of how others will view your actions as Capricorn can bring your public reputation into focus. Capricorn and Leo energies don’t mix that well. We are talking fire and earth. This is why there is an adjustment between these 2 energies for things to move. The NN wants you to see how you might be acting selfishly and to adjust yourself.

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