Honesty in Intimacy & Authority – Apr 10/11

At 6:11am (EST) on Tuesday Venus at 12:34 Taurus Squares the North Node at 12:34 Leo.

This is a Soulful test around the ways you use your own resources and beauty for fun, romance and entertainment. What are your desires at this time? To be the center of attention or to merge with a group? The North Node says don’t be afraid to be in the spotlight right now, but be gracious with any praise you receive. And apply your resources in an even-handed manner.

At 12:54am on Wednesday the Sun at 21:15 Aries Squares Pluto at 21:15 Capricorn.

While we might find ourselves pursuing something in an aggressive manner, hopefully the clarity that is available will curtail any misuse of power by us or towards us. The Sun has us setting new goals in the Aries area of our life, but we must take into account those who underwrite our activities or that we share resources with. This is Part 1 of a rolling 3-way aspect occurring from Wednesday to Saturday.

At 2:02am Venus at 13:35 Taurus Trines Mars at 13:35 Capricorn.

As this aspect is applying at the same time as the above aspect, this Trine should help us to better align our actions with our career motivations. Men and women can easily support each other’s practical actions and career moves today.

At 8:15am the Sun at 21:34 Aries Quincunx Jupiter Rx at 21:34 Scorpio.

This is Part 2 of the rolling 3-way aspect. Saturday brings Part 3 as Jupiter is applying to Sextile Pluto on Saturday at 21:16 of their respective Signs. The Sun is aspecting both of them on Wednesday providing us great clarity on what these 2 Planets are achieving over the last several months. Transparency and honesty around intimacy and financial sharing is Jupiter’s highest calling. Pluto is continuing to show us the shadow side of power and the ways public authorities have misused their power. The Sun in aspect to both of them, from the Sign of the individual (Aries) is helping each of us to set goals to align our own actions with the situations Pluto has unearthed and Jupiter is bringing philosophical perspectives to. We can see a lot today that reveals our own part in the struggles for enlightened sexual and financial sharing.

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