Soulful, Subconscious Desires – Apr 12

On Thursday Venus makes 2 aspects to Chiron and then Neptune.

At 12:17am Venus at 14:43 Taurus Semi-Squares Chiron at 29:43 Pisces.

You may feel of Soulful pain today around your desires, your resources and your beauty. But Venus is also a Healing Planet and can provide a healing touch where/when it is necessary. So if someone wounds you, DO reach out and offer healing instead of accepting the hurt. This will show your Soul Awareness. With Pisces’ energy involved it is often our fear of a lack of beauty, love and resources so try to remember that the Universe is infinite and not finite.

At 12:26pm Venus at 15:20 Taurus Sextiles Neptune at 15:20 Pisces.

Now we have the support of our subconscious mind in dealing with any lack. We can find productive ways to acquire what we desire and the Universe has our back. Touching will not result in any subconscious fear so do reach out. And if you use your imagination (Neptune/Pisces) you can find it easy to acquire your desires.

We are just 3 days away from Mercury’s Direct Station that occurs at 5:21am on Sunday morning. He hasn’t made any aspects since last Sunday so we haven’t been communicating any revisions he has been making or considering since then. We will begin speaking about the final state of our conscious thoughts and ideas once he resumes forward motion.


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