Wednesday Morning Revelations – Apr18

At 10:00am (EST) on Wednesday the Sun at 28:29 Aries Conjuncts Uranus at 28:29 Aries.

You may already feel this energy applying and bringing you clarifying awareness around the area of your life where you have 28+ Aries in your Natal Chart. This isn’t really about taking action so much as seeing how your personal actions and/or physical appearance have changed and why. Where you have Aries in your Natal Chart shows where you like to initiate actions, even aggressively. Its where you are bold, but with Uranus Transiting there, you may be crazily bold. Unexpectedly swift in acting and formidable in the pursuit of your new goals. By Wednesday morning you should know exactly what is motivating you to move forward and how to find that path. Flashes of inspiration and lightning flashes that light your path ahead are all common with this aspect.





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