Mars Conjunct Pluto: Push Wisely – Apr 26

At 7:00am (EST) Mars at 21:17 Capricorn Conjuncts Pluto Rx at 21:17 Capricorn.

This is the exact degree and minute of Pluto’s Retrograde Station that occurred on Sunday morning (Apr 22). Its as if Pluto is holding this space, not giving ground, waiting for Mars to catch him and push him if he dares. If you find that you are encountering some Pluto-type in your life, someone is misusing their authority, then you are likely trying to push them to get your way on Wednesday night and early Thursday morning. The push can actually work out in your favor if you stay true to your purpose and don’t waiver. Waivering will have you looking at how easy it would be for this boulder to come back down on your rather than recognizing that you ARE getting somewhere by pushing it.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn which rules success in the public’s eye, but to get there, you must make the long, slow and steady, rise to the top. Today your actions could just bring out some progress that you weren’t sure you could accomplish. If you take your eye off of your own goal, however, you may fall into the 3D side of this energy and push without the confidence you need resulting in some hostility from the Pluto-entity.

Push wisely;)

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