Magical Desires & Romantic Ease – Apr 27

At 1:29am (EST) this morning Venus at 3:05 Gemini Biquintiled Saturn Rx at 9:05 Capricorn.

Easy attraction with someone in authority. Magical desires being met by someone initiating control of the situation. Expressing your desires bring magical structures to achieve them.

At 9:36pm Mercury at 10:54 Aries Trine the North Node at 10:54 Leo.

It is very easy to initiate romantic or playful communication. The NN will help you to keep in Soulful in perspective so you are not just looking for your own fast-Aries-style-fix. You could have some new creative ideas pop into your head. Or you find you want to play with children or to seek entertainment. An appropriate thing for Friday night!

There are no aspects on Saturday. We have the Full Moon at 9:39 Scorpio on Sunday evening so there is likely to be some intimacy situations you are considering where to take them. Or some financial considerations you need to review your feelings and goals about.

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