Full Moon in Scorpio – Apr 29

At 5:04am (EST) on Sunday the Sun at 9:03 Taurus Trines Saturn Rx at 9:03 Capricorn.

Clarity around our resources, desires/values and beauty working easily and nicely with our career and success goals. We have what we need to succeed. We feel full and hopeful as we review our recent career and social status initiatives.

At 4:38pm Venus at 6:16 Gemini Ses-Squares Pluto Rx at 21:16 Capricorn.

There is an adjustment we need to make in order to bring an ease between our desires and our intimate sharing. Or between our own resources and other peoples’ resources we are using. Or between our need to acquire and our need to control. Pluto is just one minute off his Rx Station and so this is likely about something that has been in play over the last month as he slowed into his Station. Siblings, neighbors and classmates (current or former) could be involved as well as fathers and other authority types.

At 8:58pm the Moon at 9:39 Scorpio Opposes the Sun at 9:39 Taurus.

An emotional peak around our finances and money we share or between intimacy issues. At the Full Moon we also get to SEE (Sun) how we FEEL (Moon) about what is going on in this area of our lives. Check the House where you have 9+ Taurus/Scorpio to find the rest of the story.

The New Moon that follows this Full Moon on May 15 at 24:36 Taurus is the time to plant seeds in the ground. In a regular cycle, the New Moon in a Sign precedes the Full Moon. But we have this cycle reversed at the moment. That means the Full Moon is bringing a peak to the last New Moon that occurred on Apr 15 at 26:02 Aries.

What was initiated at that time regarding your own path to freedom is now being reviewed in light of how it is affecting your intimate and physical sharing with others.




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