Magic, Manipulation & Karma – May 7

Some days the various aspects just seem to pull some previously separated strands of our lives and show us how interconnected things really are. Monday is just that kind of a day.

At 2:23am on Monday Venus at 15:14 Gemini Biquintiles Pluto Rx at 21:14 Capricorn.

If you have a Personal Planet or point at one of these degrees, you will feel this magical aspect to be much stronger for you. Though all of us can use some help in communicating with those powerful (Capricorn) Pluto-entities who loan us money and then seek to manipulate us accordingly. Venus in Gemini is acquiring resources through siblings/cousins, neighbors, local community types of things. With the Biquintile our desires to merge will be effortless and both parties will be offering themselves and their own resources to share and share alike.

At 4:52am Mercury at 21:14 Aries Squares Pluto Rx at 21:14 Capricorn.

Now another sibling/neighbor (Mercury) or a man (Aries) or male-like energies could find Pluto’s new sharing to be a problem or not to their liking. This could bring some aggressive communication that Pluto doesn’t take kindly to. But it is fast-moving so simply watch what happens as you move through the Opening Square of the Mercury/Pluto cycle. You haven’t heard the last of this issue yet;)

At 5:58pm Venus at 16:01 Gemini Squares Neptune at 16:01 Pisces.

Now Venus gets a bad taste in her mouth as she has some subconscious/Karmic flashback around merging with this Pluto-entity. She, too, needs to keep track of her new desires as she moves through the Opening Square of the Venus/Neptune cycle which began at 1:42pm (EST) on Feb 21 at 13:32 Pisces. As she is in Gemini, you may very well hear from someone, maybe the sibling/neighbor/classmate about what Mercury had to say to Pluto.

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