Seeing Intimate Desires, Part 2 – May 11/12

Both the Sun and Venus aspected Jupiter Rx on Tuesday and Wednesday night respectively. On Friday and Saturday the Sun and Venus will aspect Pluto and on Sunday the Sun and Venus will meet in a Semi-Sextile wrapping up the 4-way aspect around what the Jupiter/Pluto Sextile has been bringing us over the last 5 months or more.

At 7:10pm (EST) on Friday the Sun at 21:12 Taurus Trines Pluto Rx at 21:12 Capricorn.

The Sun in Taurus is ruled by Venus so over the weekend our Venus energies are strongly highlighted. This aspect brings clarity around our own desires (Sun in Taurus) and someone else’s power to merge with us either financially or sexually (Pluto in Capricorn). Our beauty may make us attractive for an investment type of situation. Or our own balance sheet could show someone that we are a viable financial partner. The ease means it will be easy to see what is in the works here. The terms should be transparent and likeable.

At 1:05am on Saturday Venus at 21:12 Gemini Quincunx Pluto Rx at 21:12 Capricorn.

Meeting Pluto on the exact same degree and minute as the Sun, we now have a chance to put those terms in writing by way of a contract or a verbal contract of sorts (Venus in Gemini). With the aspect to Jupiter already exacted Venus should know how to proceed to secure a transparent and workable agreement. This will require an adjustment from Pluto to seal the deal.

On Sunday we will SEE how our own desires were achieved via this agreement of some sort.

From Sunday we are only 2 days away from Uranus Ingressing Taurus which occurs at 11:16am on Tuesday, May 15.

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