A Week of Changing Energies – May 14

Between Monday and Saturday we have 3 Planets Ingressing new Signs, but the Biggie is, of course, Uranus into Taurus on Tuesday. On Wednesday Mars Ingresses Aquarius and promptly Squares Uranus. On Saturday Venus Ingresses Cancer. And on Tuesday morning we have the New Moon in Taurus.

Monday gets  off to a fast start with 5 of the 6 aspects occurring before 10:00am (EST).

At 2:28am Mercury at 1:09 Taurus Semi-Squares Neptune at 16:09 Pisces.

Here we have some irritating words around our desires and our lack of faith in achieving them. Someone could speak the fear we are feeling and it will rub us the wrong way. Just a bit. Shake it off, because Uranus will be following Mercury’s footsteps and bringing us some changed desires anyway.

At 2:50am Venus at 23:41 Gemini Biquintiles Jupiter Rx at 17:41 Scorpio.

This is some very effortless communication of our desires and our new intimacy and sharing philosophy. We will be want to share our own resources or ourselve with someone else and see how magical it all feels. Or we could decide on a vacation (Jupiter) or a Stay-cation (Gemini) with a lover that takes us to our blissful space.

At 4:51am Mercury at 1:18 Taurus Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 1:18 Aries.

If you feel insecure about your beauty or your lack of resources, someone may have just the right words to ground you or the right touch to let you know everything will be fine.

At 6:50am the Sun at 23:36 Taurus Ses-Squares Saturn Rx at 8:36 Capricorn.

Some adjustment to our goals for earning resources or income will result in an ease with authority. Or we may know just which career moves to make even if it is more a bit less money. It will bring us more satisfaction and recognition and that is a worthwhile goal, too. Next aspect is the Biquintile. You can view the Sun/Saturn cycle chart on the website as it doesn’t show up in your emails.

At 9:35am Venus at 24:01 Gemini Semi-Squares the North Node at 9:01 Leo.

A bit of irritation that may remind you that its important to have fun and not to focus on your resources so closely. A female neighbor or friend may say something that seems to deflate your sense of fun, but you will know Soulfully how to handle it.

At 11:22pm Mars at 29:35 Capricorn Quintiles Jupiter Rx at 17:35 Scorpio.

Here our career motivations work effortlessly to provide us with any shared resources that we might need or to secure the proper measure between ourselves and our intimate partners needs. Men will be on all the moves that can result in some very passionate merging.

On Tuesday morning we have the New Moon at 7:48am at 24:36 Taurus. An annual ‘Fresh Start’ around our available resources. Plant your seeds in the Northern Hemisphere.

This is followed by Uranus’ Ingression into Taurus. Get ready to shake up your desires, change the way you acquire resources, shock someone with your new beauty treatment or give much of your money away to charity. It can all happen! And it will be freeing and compassionate at the same time!

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