Magical Mom’s Day – May 13

Sunday is a busy day aspect-wise. All of the aspects occur before mid-afternoon.

As of Saturday night, Mars is now Phase 1, the Shadow Phase of his impending Retrograde cycle. On Jun 26, Mars will Station Retrograde at 9:13 Aquarius. He will then travel back to 28:37 Capricorn and begin some revision of our motivations around career and public status. On Aug 27 he will Station Direct finalizing his review of his actions. Mars will Ingress Aquarius just after midnight (EST) on Wednesday, May 16. He will exact a Square to Uranus (who will Ingress Taurus on the morning of Tuesday, May 15) at 0:02 Taurus.

At 1:25am on Sunday the Sun at 22:25 Taurus Semi-Sextiles Venus at 22:25 Gemini.

Now we can get a look at the 4-way aspect between Sun, Venus, Jupiter and Pluto that began on Tuesday. We should see what our new desires are for communication and ways to earn a living in our local community, etc. How does this jive with our intimate situations or the way we use our power?

At 6:50am Mercury at 29:53 Aries Conjuncts Uranus at 29:53 Aries.

Here we have some words to express the revelations Uranus has been bringing us over the last 7 years as he Transited Aries. You may hear something or say something that expresses your own personal path to freedom and how you have worked towards greater autonomy over that time. There could be some unexpected communication from a man or someone who is being aggressive in their speech. But the way they initiate this communication could be very illuminating or even shocking.

At 8:40am Mercury Ingresses Taurus.

Now our words are likely to be more grounded and stifled as we will not speak so easily with Mercury in Taurus. But Venus and Mercury are now in Mutual Reception, meaning they are in each other Signs and their energies can be easily exchanged softening the outcome of both Transits for the next few days.

At 1:16pm Venus at 23:00 Gemini Biquintiles Mars at 29:00 Capricorn.

This is a day of 3 Planets sitting on Anaretic degrees (the final, critical, degree of a Sign), but this magical aspect will ease us into the change of energy that Mars will experience as he prepares to Ingress Aquarius. This afternoon there is effortless communication between you, your neighbors, siblings and classmates to man, or male-types in positions of authority. Their actions will serve to assist those in small towns and around areas of local transportation or newsletters. Men and women are sure to enjoy an effortless afternoon celebrating ‘Moms’ everywhere.

Enjoy this magical aspect as you take your ‘Moms’ out on the town enjoying food at a classy establishment;)

Monday is very busy and will usher in Uranus’ Ingress into Taurus and the New Moon in Taurus!! Rest up!

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