Mars Into Aquarius Square Uranus – May 16

There are 2 events on Wednesday that should get your attention.

At 12:55am (EST) Mars Ingresses Aquarius.

Over the last 6 weeks are actions have been restricted by Saturn, who rules Capricorn. Mars is ‘go’ energy that is acting without thinking. But Saturn/Capricorn is ‘stop’ energy that restricts our actions in order to build solid foundations for our career and social status. Now as Mars Ingresses Aquarius, our actions shift from our own career focus to working with groups, social networking and more philanthropic endeavors. Mars is already in the Shadow of his impending Retrograde Station that will occur on June 26 at 9:13 Aquarius. Due to his Retrograde cycle, Mars will not Ingress Pisces until Nov 15. He will return to Capricorn from Aug 12 to Sep 10. He will Station Direct at 28:37 Capricorn on Aug 27, following the 3 Eclipses of Jul 12 – Aug 11.

With Uranus ruling Mars for most of the next 6 months, we can expect to have a shake-up around our actions from time-to-time. There can be unexpected aggression as we had when Uranus was Transiting Aries for the last 7+ years. But with the energy of the Sign of Aquarius it means groups will be the focus of our actions rather than self, as Mars/Aries rules the self.

At 3:04am Mars at 0:02 Aquarius Squares Uranus at 0:02 Taurus.

Accident-prone energy here. Be mindful to not put yourself situations that could trip you up. That applies to both physical and mental situations. Groups could create a hick-up here as you try to pursue your own path, but the group-think stops you up short. Aquarius energy is mindful of what is fair for the collective and not the individual. While in Capricorn, yes, you were building your own foundations or providing for your family, etc. But in Aquarius, make sure your actions benefit the whole. If they don’t, you will be reviewing your own motivations from now until Nov.


Its interesting, though, that both male (Mars) and female (Venus) energies are involved in this Square. So it may be that our actions will shake up our relationships a bit.

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