Easy Karma, but Soulful Test – May 18

On Friday Mercury makes both aspects to Saturn and then the North Node. From the Sign of Taurus, Mercury will be discussing our values and our valuables. He is making both aspects in between the Sun Straddling the North Node and Neptune in 2 Quintiles that began on Thursday and culminates on Saturday just after midnight.

At 12:49pm (EST) on Friday Mercury at 8:25 Taurus Trines Saturn Rx at 8:25 Capricorn.

Mercury is now 1/3 of the way through his current cycle with Saturn. This is where we feel an ease (Trine) because both Planets are in compatible Earth Signs and being diligent to their energies. Taurus is Fixed Earth and Capricorn, which Saturn rules, is Cardinal (initiating) Earth. Our words and thoughts will be restricted but focused on what is exactly in front of us. We will be concerned with how much we have and how much we intend to work towards having. But it will seem easy to accomplish.

At 1:13pm Mercury at 8:26 Taurus Squares the Nodes of Fate at 8:26 Leo (North Node) and Aquarius (South Node).

While we are finding it easy to be accountable to our career goals and our personal values, we are finding it harder to keep track of our Soulful perspective around romance and fun. Just one minute of separation from his Trine to Saturn, Mercury’s words may run into a bit of friction from romantic partners who don’t want Mercury to work so hard or so much. Leo and Aquarian energies are less about ‘owning’ and social status symbols and are more about fun and self-awareness within a group consciousness. Just watch what gets said and see how Saturn and the NN are shaping your plans.

The Sun is separating from the Quintile to the North Node but should certainly soften any hard energy that Mercury is expressing.

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