Saturn Adjusts to North Node – May 26/27

Just after midnight (EST) on Sunday Saturn Rx makes an adjustment to the North Node. Saturday morning as these 2 are applying, Mercury and Venus aspect Saturn and then each other. Venus also aspects the NN, but Mercury will aspect the NN AFTER Saturn Quincunx the NN. There is a lot of information and feelings here showing us 2 key energies at work in our lives: Saturn is rebuilding our careers and structures where we have 2-10 Capricorn and the NN is helping us to be more romantic and playful in our art and with children and lovers.


At 2:40am on Saturday Venus at 8:02 Cancer Opposes Saturn Rx at 8:02 Capricorn.

This is the midpoint of the current Venus/Saturn cycle. Notice the dates and aspects that have occurred to this point and see what the purpose of this cycle is for you. How are your values being shaped? How do you feel about your resources across home and career considerations? Is someone trying to get you to come out of your shell/home and move into a more public arena? Or are you considering compromising your values to please someone in authority?

At 4:24am Venus at 8:07 Cancer Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 8:07 Leo.

Here you may want to add a bit of humor to the situation from above. Or romance could be another direction things can move in. You could find your family values need to include more entertainment and fun to bring out the best in everyone. How will this play out with the father-like/authority person above? Will your family approve of your new lover?


At 9:43am Mercury at 23:01 Taurus Ses-Squares Saturn Rx at 8:01 Capricorn.

An adjustment to our expressed desires will bring about an ease with those authority types or our fathers/dominant parent. You are working to get an agreement around the new career goals or earned income you have been discussing. Adjust your plans a bit to be accountable to keeping all balls in the air so you can achieve your ambitions.

At 8:35pm on Saturday evening Mercury at 23:55 Taurus Semi-Squares Venus at 8:55 Cancer.

A bit of irritation as we incorporate our desires to acquire (Taurus/Venus) with our family needs and our career plans that both Venus and Mercury have been discussing with Saturn. Which is more important: acquisition and beauty for its own sake; or assisting family for the love they bring us?

At 12:51am on Sunday Saturn Rx at 7:59 Capricorn Quincunx the North Node at 7:59 Leo.

This aspect has been in tight orb for the last week or more. You are already making adjustments between your career needs and your romantic, creative and fun needs. Or the needs of your children weigh in the balance of career. To better provide for your children do you need to seek new career avenues? Or should you choose a career path that allows you more fun and time with them? Substitute children for romantic partner or artistic venture and you can see where/how this aspect has been affecting you. Over the weekend you will determine the adjustment you will make.

NOTE: Of course the stories are always added to for each of us based on the other players involved as shown by our House placements where each Planet is currently Transiting. Many of my regular readers here have been picking up 5D Astrology by following these posts, doing regular Readings with me to refine their understanding and following a Personal Transit Report. If you would like to go deeper, contact me and let’s see what we can work out. 


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