Mercury, Saturn & NN in Finger of God – June 1

At 10:13am (EST) on Friday Mercury at 5:32 Gemini Trines Mars at 5:32 Aquarius.

Here we have some aggressively communication that is easy with 2 Air Signs involved. We may actually say quite a bit but our words will reveal some emotional detachment as though thoughts are feelings. Freedom is important. Socializing and social networking communication is likely to happen here. Mars in nearing his Opposition to the North Node in Leo putting him Conjunct the South Node. So there could already be a bit of drain here with too much socializing.

At 10:28am Venus at 15:32 Cancer Trines Jupiter Rx at 15:32 Scorpio.

This aspect is so different from the one above as here we have 2 Water Signs.. Here we have easy emotions operating with some thought to security of feelings and home (Venus in Cancer) and transparency of intimate dealings (Jupiter in Scorpio). Touch of some sort, or sharing, is involved, but it is far more subtle than the Mercury/Mars aspect.

At 2:35pm Mercury at 5:55 Gemini Ses-Squares Pluto Rx at 20:55 Capricorn.

Now we need to adjust our words and ideas in order to communicate with ease to some authority type in our lives. I have often written as much about Pluto in Capricorn energy and the ‘A-Holes’ who seem to deliver his energy to us. Keep in mind we are ALL playing Pluto to someone at any given time. In the 4th Dimension we see ourselves becoming ‘light’ as we move from our own Karmic darkness. But in 5D we know that we are BOTH the light and the dark and we accept, and then play, in the energies without judgment. However, we are wise to never antagonize the Pluto-types as it only gets us more antagonism. Here make your adjustment of your plans and words to create an ease with those Pluto entities: authorities of all types, bankers, financial backers, intimate partners, manipulators.

Between now and Saturday Mercury is moving through a rolling Finger of God. On May 27 Saturn Rx Quincunx the North Node at 7:39 Capricorn/Leo respectively. On Saturday morning Mercury will create the Finger of God as he both Sextiles the North Node and then Quincunx Saturn a few hours late. But at the same time, Mercury is still in a Trine to Mars and applying to Trine the South Node in Aquarius.

Mercury applying to Sextile the NN in Leo is productive plans, ideas and communication with romantic partners, children or entertainers. Both Mercury and the NN are still in orb of Quincunxs to Saturn Rx in Capricorn. That means both of them need to be response-able to their social status and career structures as they pursue some fun and romance.

To Mercury’s good fortune, he receives additional support from his actions within his social network. And the South Node, where you have been letting something go, gets a boost from Mercury in his planning. It isn’t so draining for the next few days.

I will provide more details of this FOG tomorrow. But you are already in the energy now!

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