Sun & Mercury Dance at 14-15 Gemini – Jun 5

Tuesday is a very interesting and clarifying day. There is a lot of magic, adjustment and set in stone goals and contracts. As the Sun and Mercury apply to meet in their Superior Conjunct they are doing so in the magic of Chiron and Pluto and adjustment to Jupiter. It is one of 6 days annually where our thoughts and words are in sync with real time! Use this information and magic to launch yourself into new career goals and paths!! Or to find a new financial backer or intimate partner.

At 12:58pm (EST) on Monday the Sun at 14:01 Gemini Quintiles Chiron at 2:01 Aries.

This is an effortless ease to achieve gratitude and to communicate something Soulful to another. You can see through some of the veil of the physical world and get a glimpse into the role of your Soul’s umbilical cord (Chiron).

At 7:52am on Tuesday Mercury at 14:03 Gemini Quintiles Chiron at 2:03 Aries.

Now you will have the words to express the Soulful clarity you saw yesterday. Any goals you are now planning will have the Soulful support of Chiron. For a short time any insecurity is nullified and you can communicate without fear. Soulful expression that represents something beyond the physical is on tap here.

At 9:43am the Sun at 14:51 Gemini Biquintiles Pluto Rx at 20:51 Capricorn.

Here our new goals take on a magical air of authority either from ourselves or our working with another in authority. If you want to find a financial backer for your local neighborhood party, here you have it. The money can manifest as if by magic. Or you can SEE exactly how to approach this financial/intimate partner.

At 4:10pm the Sun at 15:07 Gemini Quincunx Jupiter Rx at 15:07 Scorpio.

There is an adjustment here to our new goals and financial plans to seek a financial or intimate partner. Jupiter is requiring ultimate transparency and honesty in all that you do with that money or how you share yourself in a sexual way.

At 4:37pm Mercury at 14:51 Gemini Biquintiles Pluto Rx at 20:51 Capricorn.

Now you can sign on the dotted line of an agreement for financial backing or you can send off the text message of where to meet for your intimate liaison.

At 7:21pm Mercury at 15:-6 Gemini Quincunx Jupiter Rx at 15:06 Scorpio.

Here, if we adjust ourselves to transparency and honesty, we have the Fairy Godmother come to whip us up a carriage and horses and put us in our finest garb to present ourselves to our financial and/or intimate partner.

At 10:02pm the Sun at 15:20 Gemini Conjuncts Mercury at 15:20 Gemini.

Here we have the final culmination of our goals and our physical reality. Your liaison will come together or you will receive the cash in hand to plan your local event or class reunion, buy a new car or seek a new career (Pluto in Capricorn is your backer to seek new resources and career goals at moment).

At 10:25pm Venus at 20:50 Cancer Opposes Pluto Rx at 20:50 Capricorn.

Now our desires for nurturing and family must strike a balance with the terms we set for financial or physical merging. Our own resources may need to be added to the mix or put on the line as collateral for our new financial venture. We can also see whether we desire to move everything forward or not. Or choose between a few financial/intimate partners if there is more than one. And with so much Gemini energy involved with Pluto right now, there is likely more than one suitor or backer involved.

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