Refining Our Plans from Tuesday – Jun 8/9

We have 5 aspects on Friday that will keep the day moving along.

At 1:10am (EST) Mars at 7:09 Aquarius Opposes the North Node at 7:09 Leo.

You are already feeling this energy strongly as I write. This is where you will need to strike a balance between your romance or being the center of attention and pursuing a mere acquaintance for your passionate desires or socializing all night long. Or you may find you leave your artistic endeavor or children for a bit while you pursue some non-profit project to ‘save the world.’ Mars will Station Retrograde at 9:13 Aquarius on Jun 26 and will Oppose the North Node again on Jul 20 at 5:57 of their respective Signs. So you will revising some of your actions that you initiate today.

At 8:22am Mars at 7:13 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Saturn Rx at 7:13 Capricorn.

Now we get to see if we were mindful and accountable to our public reputation, social status or career as we pursued fun in socializing and pursuit of passion.

At 9:32am Mercury at 20:47 Gemini Quincunx Pluto Rx at 20:47 Capricorn.

There is an adjustment here to some of the magical communication Mercury had with the Pluto entities on June 5th (Tuesday). It is unlikely that what you heard on Tuesday will change as Mercury will not Rx over these degrees so we are adjusting to the clarity of goals and plans that the Sun brought us through on Tuesday.

At 10:10am Mercury at 20:51 Gemini Biquintiles Jupiter Rx at 14:51 Scorpio.

On Tuesday Mercury was Quincunx Jupiter and Biquintile Pluto. Now he has switched up these 2 aspects today with magic to Jupiter and adjustment to Pluto. So whatever clear communication you had on Tuesday required you adjustment to someone in authority, but it is now making magic to any of your intimate partners. Honesty and transparency from you or from Pluto has solidified the philosophy Jupiter is driving home. Psyche is still tightly Conjunct Jupiter (at 14:17 Scorpio today) and this is strongly emphasizing the best practice of sharing ourselves in exchange for using other people’s money.

At 11:52pm Mercury at 22:06 Gemini Semi-Squares the North Node at 7:06 Leo.

A bit of irritation in our communication as we speak about our new plans with our children or romantic partners. Or could it be that intimacy is a higher calling and challenges us to curtail a bit of our fun in order to have integrity with a partner?

At 2:54am on Saturday Mercury at 22:22 Gemini Ses-Squares Mars at 7:22 Aquarius.

Now Mercury completes a 3-way between himself, Mars and the NN within 26 hours. We can now speak about how we need to balance pursuing passion and romance or social life with marching to our own beat or children vs. social network. How is this playing into the new situations we have been dealing with since Tuesday between authority and intimate partners?

There are no aspects made on Sunday, but on Monday the Sun will begin to follow Mercury’s footsteps of meeting with the same Planets and Points outlined above. Though the Sun will require a few days to make all of these aspects bringing more clarity around words spoken on Friday and Saturday.

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