New Moon in Gemini – Jun 13

At 7:41am (EST) on Wednesday Mercury at 1:22 Cancer Sextiles Uranus at 1:22 Taurus.

His first aspect upon Ingressing Cancer has an elevated Mercury bringing inspiration  and revelation from Uranus. Those desires for family and nurturing that Venus has been bringing us through are going to get a boost of change and resources will become available to implement.

At 3:45pm the Moon at 22:44 Gemini Conjuncts the Sun at 22:44 Gemini creating the New Moon.

This is the annual ‘fresh start’ to all-Gemini things: cars, ideas, communication, neighbors, siblings/cousins, classmates, early childhood learning. Following the Full Moon in Gemini we had something shut down in order to make room for the new plans we are seeing and feeling today.

With this New Moon we are just one Solar month away from the 1st Eclipse of this Eclipse cycle! Soon we will begin the ‘Rapid Change’ Eclipse cycles bring us. We have 3 Eclipses: 1st is a Solar Eclipse on Jul 12 at 20:44 Cancer; 2nd is a Lunar Eclipse on Jul 27 at 4:45 Aquarius (Sun at 4:45 Leo); and the 3rd is a Solar Eclipse on Aug 11 at 18:42 Leo. Change is coming!

At 5:09pm Mercury at 2:12 Cancer Biquintiles Mars at 8:12 Aquarius.

Our actions and nurturing words are effortlessly creating a generous vibe throughout groups of people. Mars is just separating from the South Node and pulling into his impending Retrograde Station which occurs on Jun 26 at 9:13 Aquarius. Posting pictures of the ‘fam’ on FB is very appropo here.

At 5:54pm Venus Ingresses Leo.

Girls just want to have FUN! That is the energy of this transition. Don’t take women too seriously for the next month, they are flirting and seeking casual entertainment and romance. Of course, we ALL have a Venus in our charts and Venusian energy within so this carefree energy is within all of us.

At 5:28pm Mercury at 2:13 Cancer Squares Chiron at 2:13 Aries.

Its all fun and games until someone gets hurt, right? Well words right now could hurt and they could easily be spoken with loads of initiating emotion (Cancer energy) so try not to overreact to them. Someone wants you to do the ‘family’ thing, but you might want to do your own thing and therein lies the rub.

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