Disrupting Linear Thinking – Jun 14

The New Moon has not exacted yet as I write today, but I have a full-day of work so am taking this opportunity. Many of you know that I don’t write too far in advance of aspects as our Universe is in constant flux and putting old paradigms over energy patterns means we don’t leave room for the real message of the aspects. Configurations do get discussed as they are exacting, but my main goal is to help you FEEL the Planetary energies so you can increase your OWN awareness of the Universe.

At 5:04am on Thursday the Sun at 23:16 Gemini Ses-Squares Mars at 8:16 Aquarius.

This is the Sun’s first aspect following the New Moon in Gemini. Whatever your ‘fresh start’ was, you now need to adjust your motivations to socialize and mingle with groups to align with the goals seen and felt at the New Moon. Mind your words that you are sharing across social media. Ensure the align with the clarity of the New Moon’s purpose.

At 11:33pm Venus at 1:26 Leo Squares Uranus at 1:26 Taurus.

Venus rules Uranus in Taurus and this Square will give us great insight into the CHANGED DESIRES Uranus has brought us since Ingressing Taurus. A friend of mine told me yesterday that everyone she has been talking to is in emotional turmoil right now. Then another Soul Sista told me she is letting go of a Soulmate this weekend after many years. Other friends have walked out of relationships since Uranus Ingressed Taurus on May 15. The good news about Uranus’ change is that you will begin to see how this is a clean break that gets you out of a rut so you can have new experiences. Taurus and Venus are Fixed Earth energies. What has been fixed in your life for a long season is changing. Your desires and relationships are at the top of the list. This Square from Venus will illuminate what is going on and may find some healing in seeing that the expiration date on that situation has past. End of story.

Though the new desires we are moving towards are unlikely to be very stable. Uranian ‘relating-ships’ are flashes in the pan. They hit hard and fast and can end just as fast. It will be interesting to see how this all changes up with so many Planets in Retrograde from mid-June to end of July. Stay tuned for more insights on this.

And remember: “There is NO SUCH THING as Linear Time because no Planet orbits in a straight line.” -5D Astrologer, Beth Bridgman

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