Response-able, Soulful & Higher Minded – Jun 19

On Tuesday we have 4 aspects: 2 from Venus to Saturn and the NN which are both just separating from their Quincunx that exacted on Monday morning; and 2 from Mercury to Uranus and Jupiter.

At 6:54am Venus at 6:27 Leo Quincunx Saturn Rx at 6:27 Capricorn.

Yesterday morning Saturn Quincunx the NN and if you couldn’t detect that aspect then, today you have a chance to feel it via your desires for romance, entertainment, children or fun. What you spend your money on today could reveal decisions you made regarding career goals to allow more fun in your life. See post Image to view the Venus/Saturn cycle if you are keeping track;)


At 8:38am Venus at 6:32 Leo Conjuncts the North Node at 6:32 Leo.

Just one minute from the NN’s position in the Quincunx to Saturn yesterday, you are definitely getting clear around the Soulful perspective of Leo energy. Rather than girls just wanting to have fun, they are more mindful of the need to keep themselves in check a bit, both from Saturn and the NN. Leo energy without the NN there is energy that seeks its own gratification and doesn’t really worry that much about the outcome of their pursuit for fun. But the NN won’t allow that to continue at moment, so you are no doubt having desires that reflect that.

At 10:50am Mercury at 13:37 Cancer Quintiles Uranus at 1:37 Taurus.

Today is extremely helpful to Mercury energy as he meets 2 Higher Mind Planets. The Quintile is effortless (Quintile) inspiration (Uranus) around nurturing, mom, home, family, and land (Cancer). Though he is ahead of Uranus, this aspect allows Mercury to see a bit of the path ahead so he isn’t operating from his usual 3D vanity alone. No, he is spot-on about plans and communicating them accordingly. This aspect can also reveal to us some of Uranus’ plans as he Transits Taurus over the next 7 years.

At 3:42pm Mercury at 14:00 Cancer Trines Jupiter Rx at 14:00 Scorpio.

This aspect ensures that Mercury is maintaining integrity in his words and plans as Jupiter depends transparency and honesty in all we do around shared resources at the moment. So if you are drafting (Mercury) up a ‘will’ (Scorpio) for mom (Cancer), you are going to be keeping the good of the whole (Jupiter) family in mind as you do so. Or if you are seeking a loan for home improvements to facilitate mom or some family member as they progress through life, today is a great day to secure it and on terms that are beneficial.

NOTE: Mercury is flying through Cancer at the moment. He has only 2 more aspects to make from this Sign before Ingressing Leo on Jun 28. Mercury Ingressed Cancer on Jun 12 meaning that he is only spending 16 days in Cancer. When Mercury moves so fast, he is typically stirring up vanity ideas that have no real basis in reality. But from Cancer, he has only been aspecting the Transpersonal (Jupiter and Saturn) and Outer Planets and Soulful Points. He did make one aspect to Mars though. Still keep his aspects to the Higher Mind Planets in mind as those show what IS real (Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune). 


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