So Where’s the Magic?! – Jun 24/25

If you didn’t get your Cinderella moment on Friday night, it is likely because you have some hard aspects going on in your Natal Chart from Transiting Neptune. If he is busy dissolving some things in your life, you may have found yourself ready for a Ball but without the Prince. Or some other character that you might have been hoping for. Each of our charts are so unique and here I write about the general way these aspects can occur without the individual hiccups of our Natal Charts.

The good news is that Venus exacting to Saturn on Sunday morning at 4:08am (EDT) will bring something that we WILL likely see as Saturn is the Karmic Planet that initiates structures. So if something or someone was missing on Friday night, wait to see what turns up with the Saturn aspect.

After Venus completes the Finger of Merlin with both Neptune and Saturn, we have another magical aspect on Sunday afternoon.

At 2:23pm the Sun at 3:11 Cancer Biquintiles Mars at 9:11 Aquarius.

Here we have some effortless clarity around our motivations to socialize and our family goals. We can see just what amount of nurturing someone of our acquaintances may need or we can see how we need to get out of the house and circulate. Clarity is good for look for it around men and social media. In fact, it may be a great time to get that online profile going on a dating site as you will likely see what you are looking for. After all, Uranus in Taurus is bringing up changed desires and online attraction so there is other energy supporting this.

Mars is just 2 minutes from his Retrograde Station that will occur on Tuesday at 9:13 Aquarius (5:04pm EDT).

At 1:19pm on Monday Venus at 13:41 Leo Squares Jupiter Rx at 13:41 Scorpio.

Jupiter is just 20 minutes from the position of his Direct Station on July 10. So he is driving home his new philosophy and perspective around intimacy and sharing of resources. Honesty and transparency are required so if you are desiring some casual romance, as Venus in Leo is known to do, the Square here will show you where you are missing the boat. And if you were hoping someone else might help you finance your own fun, be sure it is not extra curricular activity that you are doing when your intimate partner is sitting at home;)

Just after midnight on Thursday we have the Full Moon at 6:28 Cancer. This will put us in the Eclipse wormhole!! Get ready for Rapid Change! The first Solar Eclipse is Opposite Pluto so there are many challenges associated with our goals in this Eclipse.

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