Mars Stations Rx – Jun 26

At 5:04pm (EDT) on Tuesday Mars at 9:13 Aquarius Stations Retrograde.

Mars will now join Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto who are also Retrograde. Mars is the first Personal Planet of the bunch. Jupiter and Saturn are Interpersonal Planets so they are reviewing our relationships with intimate partners and career and authority-type individuals. Saturn and Neptune are Karmic Planets so if you are in the Karmic Return you are reviewing your Karma with someone or several someones. Neptune and Pluto are Generational Planets and are having us review our generational ideals and use of power.

As a Personal Planet, Mars in Retrograde will be very personal to each of us. Where we have been motivated to circulate, enhance awareness through action, or more accident-prone of late, we will now be reviewing the actions we have been initiating since Mars Ingressed Aquarius on May 16 just following Uranus’ Ingression into Taurus on May 15.

Mars will Retrograde back to 28:37 Capricorn where he first entered his Shadow (Phase 1 of his Retrograde cycle) on May 12 and he will Station Direct on this degree on Aug 27. This puts Mar’s Retrograde cycle engulfing the entire Eclipse wormhole. And he will Oppose the North Node in Leo (as he Conjuncts the South Node) 2 more times: Jul 20 at 5:57 Aquarius/Leo and Sep 26 at 4:11 respectively. His first Opposition to the NN was on Jun 8. There is some light to be shed on what is under review around the Eclipses and our motivations.

At 8:42pm Pluto Rx at 20:24 Capricorn Quintiles Chiron at 2:24 Aries.

This is a helpful aspect that will allow some transformation around any fears we have lately of asserting ourselves in the area of life where we have 2+ Aries. Quintiles to Chiron can challenge us to rise above any challenges by flowing with the experience and not fighting it. If you need to use your power in some way, it could produce some magical results. Or you could simply glean some insight into the nature of this wounding in Aries that we will all be moving through over the next several years.

Chiron is slowing down right now to Station Retrograde on Jul 5 at 2:25 Aries. This Quintile to Pluto will still be in effect then for some time to come and including the first Eclipse on Jul 12. Until Jupiter Stations Direct on Jul 10, we will have 6 major Planets and Dwarf Planets Retrograde ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Its going to be a very interesting window of time where past events under review are merged with current ideas, desires and goals (Mercury, Venus and Sun). Look to the Houses where you have each Planet Transiting to see all the old and new elements of what is on tap and who the players will be.


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