Lead Up to the Solar Eclipse – Jul 11/12

NOTE: If you are unsure of what is going on for you as we near the Eclipses, a 30-min Phone Reading would help you to sort it out.

As I write this newsletter on Tuesday morning, Jupiter has not yet Stationed Direct. Transiting Psyche has been Conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio for several months now. Psyche, too, is Direct about one degree behind Jupiter.

At 12:00pm on Tuesday Venus at 0:38 Virgo Quintiles Psyche at 12:38 Scorpio.

This may be hard to detect in isolation, however, Psyche Conjunct Jupiter is adding extra OOMPH! to Jupiter’s efforts to help us be honest and transparent around intimacy and resources that we ‘share’ with others. As Jupiter Stations an hour after this aspect, Psyche is holding the energy to make the point that Venus and Jupiter will make below.

At 3:24am (EDT) on Wednesday Venus at 1:21 Virgo Quintiles Jupiter at 13:21 Scorpio.

Jupiter just Stationed Direct about 5 hours ago and this is Venus’ first aspect from Virgo so the energy feels a bit new. This is some effortless accounting around shared resources. Or a chance to rise above demanding any return for loans you have given as you can easily see the spiritual truth that the Universe is not finite and other avenues are available. In fact, one of my known truths is that the Universe abhors a vacuum and will always fill it. The Ancient Chinese had a saying: “God gave teeth; he will give bread.” If you don’t know how you got your teeth, why do you worry about where your bread will come from. Let there be some healing around money issues as you tap into the infinite possibilities of this magical aspect between the 2 Planets that can create abundance. Give without thought of return. Virgo’s lower vibration is overridden here so you can elevate your desires. Which the next aspect will drive the point home.

At 11:26pm Venus at 2:16 Virgo Trines Uranus at 2:16 Taurus.

Venus rules Taurus and Uranus in Taurus so there is plenty of beauty, feminine touches, inspired healing and unexpected philanthropy. Not to mention an easy change in desires towards more service to others. If you spontaneously decide to give some of your resources to serve another, that would be this aspect! Love of the unusual is another way this energy may express itself.

Venus is creating a Grand Earth Trine now between herself, Saturn at 4+ Capricorn and Uranus in Aries. This can bring new career structures for our work/service desires and innovative ways to acquire personal resources.

At 2:08am on Thursday Venus at 2:24 Virgo Quincunx Chiron Rx at 2:24 Aries.

An adjustment as Venus meets with some insecurity that Chiron is bringing up. But there is healing too so you can see where this insecurity is coming from and adjustment your attitude/values that Venus shows us. Be of service.

At 3:52am Mercury 16:21 Leo Quincunx Neptune Rx at 16:21 Pisces.

Mercury just Squared Jupiter on Monday and had to face applying honesty to his fun, romance, children or creativity. Now he adjusts himself to the collective unconscious. If you see a fear manifest, or be expressed, simply note it and realize it is YOUR fear. Let it go and that is all the adjustment you need to make. But keep your communications in the honesty range, too.

At 6:04am the Sun at 20:01 Cancer Opposes Pluto Rx at 20:01 Capricorn.

This an early heads-up on balancing emotions and nurturing with our own use of power, or another’s, around career and social status plays a major role in the Solar Eclipse of Thursday night which lies across the axis of home vs. career. We need to strike a balance here as part of the next 6 month journey. Use this clarity to help you see ways you will be making some super-charged ‘Fresh Start’ as a New Moon Solar Eclipse will deliver. Cancer/Capricorn are Karmic Signs. They rule mom and dad, home and career, nurturing and bread-winning. Big new starts are afoot.

This aspect Chart is the Featured Image to this post. If you can’t see it, please visit the website as its helpful to see all that is going on right now;)

At 2:00pm the Moon Ingresses Cancer.

From this point until the Eclipse exacts at 10:48pm we will be immersed in the Eclipse energy. A Solar Eclipse is when the Moon Transits over the face of the Sun. In that short range of time that it is exact, our old goals and ego drives are hidden so that we can bring forward the ‘Fresh Start’ that we need to make. Don’t worry if feelings are still there, the Lunar Eclipse on Jul 27 at 4:45 Aquarius will help us with an emotional reset to clear the way for the new start.

By midafternoon the Moon will create a Grand Water Trine with Jupiter and Psyche in Scorpio and Neptune Rx in Pisces. Easy feelings will flow to allow us to make the ‘Fresh Start’ that the Eclipse will bring.

At 9:43pm the Moon at 20:00 Cancer Opposes Pluto Rx at 20:00 Capricorn.

Now our intuition will begin to kick in strongly to show us how to balance this ‘Fresh Start’ around home with career areas and our use of power. We can feel what old goals are ending and what new ones may be surfacing. For the next hour the energy builds.

At 10:48pm on Thursday the Moon at 20:41 Cancer Conjuncts the Sun at 20:41 Cancer creating the New Moon Solar Eclipse.

I will write more about the Eclipse tomorrow;) But watch closely as it builds. Follow the breadcrumbs of insight to see what is going on.


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