Solar Eclipse at 20:41 Cancer – Jul 12

At 10:48pm (EDT) the Moon at 20:41 Cancer Conjuncts the Sun at 20:41 Cancer creating the New Moon Solar Eclipse.

A Partial New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer brings up new goals for nurturing, personal and ‘family’ security, land ownership and stewardship, etc. This Eclipse is only visible to those in the far Southeastern tip of Australia so it is not the strongest Eclipse energy. Which may be a good thing given Pluto’s Opposition to the Sun and Moon.

As yesterday’s post showed, the Sun and Moon will Oppose Pluto prior to the Eclipse offering each of us a challenge to our security that we need to overcome in order to achieve the new goals of this Eclipse. All Eclipses shut down something creating a vacuum for new energies to flow into. As the Moon crosses over the Sun for just 2 hours 25 minutes, we loose our old goals (as the Sun illuminates) and can arrive at a new set of goals and purpose for moving forward.

Cancer is the Sign of mom, home, family, land, emotional roots and nurturing. Capricorn is the Sign of dad, career, social status, structures in your life that can bring you ‘success’ and authority. Pluto Opposing the Sun and Moon at the Eclipse is like Dad nagging you to seize a new career goal while you want to protect your home and family more right now. There is a challenge from Pluto that you need to STARE DOWN. Don’t fight him, just don’t give him your power or energy. He can make you more determined to achieve your goals to prove him wrong.Jul12EclipseChart18

As the North Node is still in Leo and the Nodes of Fate determine the timing of Eclipses along with the Sun and Moon cycle, we will still be focusing on our Leo areas of life in relation to the Cancer energies present at this Eclipse. In other words, you are still immersing yourself in creative ventures, activities with children, romantic partners, fun and even seeking your own spotlight.

The House where you have the Solar Eclipse occurring shows who the other players/characters/actors will be:

1st House – YOU are the primary concern here. How you come across and present yourself. If you are Cancer Sun or Cancer Rising, you can initiate emotion and be very sentimental. Now you may see something that shows you how to be a better version of you. Any Partners, close friends or open enemies, as played by Pluto, may challenge the changes you make. But push forward.

2nd House – Still YOU and your money, your beauty, your values. What do you value now that Pluto has been destroying aspects of the ways you earn a living or how you acquire resources? Are you arriving at some new values as you likely have less resources over the last few years?

3rd House – Siblings, cousins, classmates, neighbors, modes of local transportation (vehicles), grapevine and your mental state, central nervous system and all types of communication and ideas. How will you now communicate your ideas of security and nurturing or sharing of the land with these family members?

4th House – Cancer is the natural 4th House so this influence is operating for each of us. Mom is here, or the nurturing parent (that may be you too) and all family members. People who own the land you are living on if it isn’t you. Issues of home and home security. What new goals do you have for home and family? Are you moving in the next 6 months? You might sense that coming soon.

5th House – Children, romantic partners, artists and entertainers are part of this House. You may be wanting to provide more security to those who you have fun with or have children with. This fun could be you entertaining in your home more.

6th House – Co-workers, health professionals, fitness types, managers, service-related, first-responders can all be a part of this Eclipse for you. You may start a new job, a new fitness and health routine or find yourself in service to a member of your family.

7th House – Partners, personal and business, close friends and open enemies (as shown by Pluto too). You should find yourself considering a new relationship or business partnership or initiating new structures for an existing one.

8th House – Intimate partners both through sex and your use of their resources. This includes debtors, loaners, inheritance grantors, child support payers, etc. It is possible that you have to deal with issues of death as Pluto rules the 8th and Opposes the Eclipse. Though this Eclipse is bound to transform YOU as well.

9th House – Seniors, mentors, grandparents, foreigners, lawyers, pastors, astrophysicists are common players here as you will be developing a new philosophy likely from a long-distance trip that gives you a more global/broader perspective. Or meeting a foreigner who brings you a new philosophy. Or you seek a mentor to arrive at a new philosophy.

10th House – Career from home, work from home, real estate types, being a stay-at-home dad, or building a new home with your career accomplishments. Authority-types, dads are involved here. Corporate dealings and dealings with banks.

11th House – You like to social network around your hometown so all sorts of acquaintances and groups of family members are involved. A change to your home may be forthcoming, too. You may want more freedom from responsibilities at home or more time at home gives you more freedom.

12th House – Hidden ‘enemies’ or those subconscious ways you undo yourself because you are stuck in your Mercury mind. Somethings around the home may be ending or dissolving and it may be hard to see what that is. Or you could be confined to home more as health issues nag at you.

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