Saturn Quintile Neptune – Jul 20

There are 3 aspects on Friday, but the biggie is the Karmic Quintile of Saturn and Neptune. It shouldn’t get much easier than this, but if you have your own ‘hard’ Karmic Return aspect going on, it is likely you won’t detect the magic of this Quintile.

At 9;36am (EDT) on Friday Saturn Rx at 4:14 Capricorn Quintiles Neptune Rx at 16;14 Pisces.

This is the Closing Quintile of the current Saturn/Neptune cycle. You may recall the Closing Squares of 2016 which brought us through ‘hard’ Karmic areas. Now we have the effortlessness of 5D between our ‘building’ Planet, Saturn, and our ‘dissolving’ Planet, Neptune. Saturn seeks control. Neptune seeks avoidance. And so we have the dance of Karma.

Both Karmic Planets are in their own Signs making their energies truest to their natures. Saturn is all about the physical structures of career, public reputation, authority and success. Neptune is all about the returning to the void of oneness or the place of our dreams/ideals or nightmares/fears (when in a hard Karmic position or aspect).

These 2 Planets bring us ‘Time Travel’ as they point to when we will meet a Karmic partner and need to work to resolve the Karma. In 5D, however, there is no Karmic reverb and we can effortlessly see how these 2 Planets’ dance creates all that we see before us and all that we don’t see as well.

As both Planets are Retrograde at the moment, we can be looking back on some recent Karmic situations and seeing them in a new light. Saturn Stations Direct on Sep 6 at 2;33 Capricorn. He will begin applying to a 2nd Quintile to Neptune Rx which will exact on Sep 20. The 2 months in between here will be very helpful in seeing through our Karmic condition and beginning to understand the Merlin Mind’s role in shaping new realities.

Some helpful Videos to watch regarding Saturn and Neptune: (Visit my YouTube Channel and subscribe)

The other 2 aspects on Friday are as follows (they sandwich the Karmic Quintile):

At 6:29am Mars Rx at 5:57 Aquarius Opposes the North Node at 5:57 Leo.

This puts Mars Conjunct the South Node, or the drain of the Nodes of Fate. You may feel as though you have little motivation with this aspect. The goal would be to have more fun, romance, spend time with children or be creative and let go of your drive to socialize or work within groups. But Mars is Mars and hard to ignore so we may push to have our way in socializing and find it zaps our strength a bit. Mars rules infections and Conjunct the South Node he can bring those to the surface as well.

At 3:42pm Venus at 11:51 Virgo Biquintiles Mars Rx at 5:51 Aquarius.

This 2nd magical aspect on Friday adds a very nice element of support to the Karmic Quintile. Here our male and female energies merge effortlessly. We can serve groups, or can have some changed desires. Or we may simply give to a charity so they can pursue their goals to ‘save the world’ (a very Aquarian/Uranian goal). Touch is beyond easy. Motivations serve us well. Though the South Node is involved here, it can bring us back in touch with a Soul-Level player who we really DO want to touch or pursue to be by our side in service to a larger purpose.

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