Venus Sextile Jupiter & Psyche – Jul 22

Last night (Friday) we were one week from the Lunar Eclipse of this Eclipse cycle. It occurs at 4:15pm (EDST) on Jul 27 at 4:45 Aquarius (Sun at 4:45 Leo. This is an emotional reset button that will allow for the shutting down of emotions around a Leo area of life so that you can move into the ‘Fresh Start’ Solar Eclipse energies of Jul 12 and the next Solar Eclipse of Aug 11. If you watch right at the time of the Eclipse, you will feel the Universe resetting something in your life! You can finally be OVER something without any effort on your part;)

At 5:21am (EDST) on Sunday Venus at 13:33 Virgo Sextiles Jupiter at 13:33 Scorpio.

Psyche is at 13:22 Scorpio adding Soulful depth to Jupiter’s spiritual philosophy around intimacy and shared resources, death and transformation. This Sextile to the both of them will show us how our desires to serve, be fit or be healthy is part of an overall big picture approach to sharing ourselves with another/others. We must keep up our end of the arrangement by serving them or taking for ourselves in order to be there for them. We can also see how our service needs to be along a global vein and not just local. Venus in Virgo can be ‘accounting’ around our own resources and ‘keeping count’, but Jupiter and Psyche here are saying that to create real abundance we must follow the true nature of the Universe to NOT keep count, but to GIVE (and serve) without thought of return so that both parties are blessed tenfold.

At 5:00pm the Sun Ingresses Leo.

Now we can set clear goals around the desires we have for romance, creativity, children, entertainment and being in the limelight. Venus has completed her Transit through Leo and awakened our desires for this cycle. Mercury is set to Retrograde in Leo on Jul 26. He will be reviewing any plans or communications we have been thinking of or sending out. Now the Sun brings the desires and ideas into real-time so we can get clear about Leo stuff that the Nodes of Fate has also been teaching us Soul-Level lessons around. Get ready to understand the WHY of your desires, the HOW of your ideas and to clearly manifest some of these things.

The Inferior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury Rx will occur on Aug 8 at 16:54 Leo. And will occur just 3 days ahead of the last Eclipse of this cycle and the 2nd Solar Eclipse of this cycle on Aug 11 at 18:42 Leo. Leo energy will be hot and heavy all month as we reconcile our conscious mind to our clarified reality.




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