Mercury Rx Into the Lunar Eclipse – Jul 26/27

You may already be feeling Mercury’s impending Retrograde as things are happening that maybe don’t seem that ‘right’. He is getting ahead of himself, which is the Mercury/3D mind condition.

At 1:02am (EDST) on Thursday Mercury at 23:27 Leo Stations Retrograde.

Mercury now joins Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron who are also Retrograde. Mercury will begin to appear to be moving in reverse motion from the Earth’s perspective. That changes his energy to be more reviewing and revising, thankfully. As Mercury is our conscious mind that takes in the outer world and learning from outside himself (when not in aspect to a Higher Mind or Soulful Planet/Point), he is unreliable if you are moving in awareness. This Retrograde cycle we will be looking at the lessons of the North Node in Leo since about Sep 25, 3017. Mercury over these degrees expresses what the NN has been showing us. But Mercury will also be reviewing his own understanding on these things over the next 3 weeks and as he moves across the same degrees for the 3rd time in Direct motion. Communications and plans that you have been thinking or speaking or hearing about can be up for review now. Mercury will Retrograde back to 11:32 (where he first crossed this degree on Jul 7) on Aug 19 when he will Station Direct. He will remain in his Shadow, Phase 3, until Sep 2. Follow your Higher Mind energies and you will avoid the drama often associated with a Mercury Rx cycle.

At 5:40pm the Sun at 3:51 Leo Quincunx Saturn Rx at 3:51 Capricorn.


Saturn has been Rx since Apr 17 and won’t Station Direct until Sep 6. The Sun in the early degrees of Leo is bringing clarity to Leo energies that the Nodes of Fate have not reached quite yet. But this adjustment aspect means we can SEE (Sun) what Saturn’s review of our career goals and initiating of solid structures in our lives is accomplishing. With this clarity, we can adjust ourselves to our sense of fun, romance, entertainment and children. Perhaps our final plans won’t kick off until the ‘Back to School’ timeframe of early Sep so we DO have some time for fun right now.

At 1:13am on Friday the Sun at 4:09 Leo Opposes Mars Rx at 4:09 Aquarius.

Mars is going to play a starring role in the Lunar Eclipse late Friday afternoon. But you can get a heads-up on what that means late Thursday night as this aspect applies. Right now we are reviewing our motivations to socialize and engage groups of people via social media, etc. (Mars Rx cycle). But the Sun is saying its time to have your own fun and be in the spotlight for just a little while longer. The Opposition is about the balance of these 2 things.

At 6:40am the Moon Ingresses Aquarius.

Now we begin to feel the emotional intensity of a Lunar Eclipse.

At 8:22am Venus at 19:04 Virgo Ses-Squares Mars Rx at 4:09 Aquarius.

Venus is in service mode at moment. She desires to be busy, fit and of use. Mars can feel a bit drained from all of his activity right now as he is still Conjunct the South Node. But this aspect that requires an adjustment to create an ease is going to help us see something about our motivations and desires as the Lunar Eclipse builds to exact.

At 2:50pm the Moon at 4:00 Aquarius Conjuncts Mars Rx at 4:00 Aquarius.

With Mars in the midst of the Eclipse like this, we are already sensing how we will feel about things after the Eclipse. But Mars will add impetus to the equation and we are likely to ACT on those feelings in ways that SHOW what our feelings are.

At 4:21pm the Moon at 4:45 Aquarius Opposes the Sun at 4:45 Leo.

A total lunar eclipse will occur on July 27, 2018. The Moon will pass through the centre of the Earth’s shadow. This will be the first central lunar eclipse since June 15, 2011. Since it will occur near apogee, this eclipse will also be the longest total lunar eclipse in the 21st century. – Wikipedia


Things will reach a peak and at that time, the Earth will block the Sun’s light that is usually reflected on the Moon and you will lose touch of those feelings for a moment. In that space, you can realign to some new goals and new emotional space.  A Lunar Eclipse is an EMOTIONAL RESET. Like turning your computer off for a moment and rebooting it, you can reboot your feelings about things across the axis of Leo and Aquarius. Where does 4+ Aquarius/Leo fall in your Chart by House? This will show you what is being Eclipsed from your life for at least the next few months or longer.

At 9:26pm Venus at 19:39 Virgo Trines Pluto Rx at 19:39 Capricorn.

Whatever angst there may have been from the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, this aspect will go a long ways in soothing some situations. The Lunar Eclipse, following the Solar Eclipse, tends to shut down something so that the ‘Fresh Start’ of the Solar Eclipse is able to really get off the ground. However, these 2 Eclipses are in different Signs so it is just as likely it is going to shut down something to make room for the next Solar Eclipse at 18:42 Leo at 5:58pm on Aug 11. This aspect is an ease between attraction and merging with another, or between using our own resources and sharing with another.


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