Expression & Clarity of Desires – Jul 30

We have 2 minor aspects today, but there are 3 important things to keep in mind:

  1. We are still in the Eclipse Wormhole of Rapid Change and only 12 days from the last Eclipse of this cycle, a Solar Eclipse at 18:42 Leo.
  2. We are still dealing with our shadow side of Pluto Opposing the 1st Eclipse. Pluto will be Quincunx th Aug 11 Eclipse too.
  3. There are 5 Planets and Chiron Retrograde at the moment. That is a LOT of looking back energy. As of Aug 7 we will have 6 Planets and Chiron Retrograde!! Its a weird time. This is a great time to realize that time is NOT Linear!

At 3:35pm (EDST) on Monday Mercury Rx at 22:34 Leo Semi-Sextiles Venus at 22:34 Virgo.

Mercury is on the degree where he was on a week ago. He was unaspected at that time so you may or may not have said, heard or wrote something that is now being revised. Venus is leading the pack of Personal Planets through the Signs and so we are seeing what we desire that won’t manifest for a bit down the road. But Mercury is still revising our plans and ideas around fun, romance, creativity and children. Venus is being of service and keep close account of expenditures. Here they are working productively together.

At 8:29pm the Sun at 7:47 Leo Semi-Squares Venus at 22:47 Virgo.

A minor irritation as we are trying to accomplish our goals for fun, romance, creativity and children-centered activities while Venus is being a bit prudish with her desires. We want to be of service somewhere, or we are keeping an eye on all the details, but we are looking at how much fun we can still have before school starts again or before summer ends.

There are no more aspects between the Transiting Planets before Wednesday, but we do have some very tight orbs that are still affecting us:

  1. Saturn Rx is tightening the Square orb with Chiron Rx and a Trine to Uranus who is Stationing to Retrograde on Aug 7 at 2:34 Taurus. This is an easy change to the status quo, but some potential let-down in our confidence in achieving some career initiatives. We may be able to find ways to acquire resources, but not to get that promotion that we are working towards, at least YET.
  2. Mars Rx is applying to Square Uranus and Sextile Chiron Rx. Squares from Mars to Uranus can create ‘accidents’ and other types of revelation like an apple falling on Newton’s head (Mars/Aries rules the head). He is, at least, working productively with Chiron in his own Sign and offering some revelation to manage any insecurities.
  3. There is a LOT of Fixed Energies across the Zodiac right now. Though Jupiter and Psyche in Scorpio are out of orb of an Opposition to Uranus in Taurus, they are Square to the Sun at 7 Leo right now and Mars and Uranus are Square in the other 2 Fixed Energy Signs. The 2 Higher Mind Planets, Jupiter and Uranus, are bringing out changed desires to align with a more ethical approach to intimacy and shared resources. The Sun and Mars across the axis of being your own star and merging with groups is aligned with the current Eclipse energies and bringing up ways to balance these 2 Opposing drives.
  4. Uranus is still in orb of a Semi-Square to Neptune though it is separating. This is some friction between our changed desires and our sense of ‘oneness’ or subconscious fears.

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