Magical, Changed Desires – Aug 3

At i:09am on Friday Venus at 26:33 Virgo Biquintiles Uranus at 2:33 Taurus.

Uranus is slowing down now and just one minute from his Retrograde Station which he will make on Aug 7 at 2:34 Aries. He is ruled by Venus as he Transits Taurus. He rules unexpected change, awareness, electrical currents of the internet and money exchange as well as groups and social networking. Venus is nearing her Ingress to Libra, a Sign she rules, but for now she is wrapping up some of our desires around work, health, fitness, being of service, etc.

These 2 Planets in aspect can bring love-at-first-sight types of situations or a sudden change in desires. But the double-magic aspect will make any fast-moving and changing desires effortless and surreal. There could be money involved here as well. Someone might unexpectedly ‘gift’ you or a group you belong or you could ‘gift’ them. You might find something you might not otherwise desire to really be attractive and be able to move into some new realms of awareness. The revelations can bring up inspiration for new ways to earn a living and jobs that offer you new opportunities.

At 8:57pm Mars Rx at 2:03 Aquarius Sextiles Chiron Rx at 2:03 Aries.

Mars rules Chiron in Aries so there is plenty of initiating energies. A nice, productive aspect in which our actions to socialize will still pan out well even through we may have felt insecure lately. Mars is fresh from his Square to Uranus so he is really moving through some Soul Awareness energies these last 2 days. See what actions you just suddenly take that give you some glimpse of greater awareness and connection to the those you are socializing with. As Mars and Aries rule things like ‘names’ and ‘faces’ you may find that you aren’t tripped up today when someone doesn’t remember you or they call you by the wrong name;)

As of this aspect on Friday night, Black Moon Lillith is at 29:45 Capricorn and ready to Ingress Aquarius. All Aquarians and most Aquarius Risings can now put down the pitchforks and take off their armor. Yes, you still have Saturn and Pluto in your 12th House, but you won’t be picking up everyone else’s negative energies! But Pisces’s will begin to VERY SOON!! An Aquarius 12th House by Sun Sign is certainly no picnic from time to time, but put BML there and you will really NEED awareness to navigate the next 8 months.

A Reading can really help you manage this energy better so you don’t crash and burn from it.

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