Sun Clarifies Grand Fixed Cross – Aug 6/7

At 2:53pm on Monday Mercury Rx at 18:16 Leo Ses-Squares Saturn Rx at 3:16 Capricorn.

This is Mercury’s 2nd Ses-Square to Saturn. He made his 1st on Jul 15 and will make his final on Aug 28 once he is Direct. There is an adjustment to be made that leads to an ease around our romantic expressions and our career goals. Or our plans with children and our sense of discipline that is required. Or our creative plans and our ability to turn it into some form of foundation to provide for ourselves and our others.


At 7:27pm the Sun at 14:26 Leo Squares Jupiter at 14:26 Scorpio.

Since Ingressing Leo on Jul 22 the Sun has been moving through aspects to the Planets Transiting the Fixed Energy Signs: Square to Uranus in Taurus on Jul 25, Opposition to Mars in Aquarius on Jul 27, Conjunct the North Node in Leo on Jul 28 and now Square to Jupiter and Psyche in Scorpio. Some are saying we have a Grand Fixed Cross in the skies right now, but Jupiter and Psyche are out of orb, though the energy can still amount to quite a bit of change to the areas of life where we have these Fixed Signs by House.

Sun is set to meet Mercury on Wed night and so we are going to be bringing some of this understanding to our conscious mind and our reality. The Sun in Leo has us also reviewing the Soulful Lessons of the North Node’s Transit through Leo which began on Apr 28, 2017. The Nodes of Fate heralds Eclipses in the axis of the 2 Signs they are  Transiting. We have had 5 Eclipses across the Leo/Aquarius axis since Feb 10, 2017. We have 2 more to come: Solar Eclipse Aug 11, 2018 and Lunar Eclipse on Jan 20, 2019.

What is going on with all of these Fixed Signs in aspect?

Uranus in Taurus is bringing up new/changed ‘values’ for us to live by. Sun in Leo is highlighting the state of our fun, romance, children and creativity. Jupiter and Psyche have been bringing us through integrity around intimacy issues and taking legal action against those who are guilty of ‘sexual harassment.’ Mars Rx in Aquarius has us reviewing the way we initiate action or assert ourselves within groups and in our social network. Like slowing grinding gears, they are shifting things even as Jupiter, then Mars and soon Uranus will Retrograde back over the degrees of the Fixed Signs. Lots of review of our new values and ways to implement them via romantic inclinations, sexual intimacy or sharing of resources and acting within a group mindset.

Today the Sun will give clarity around what Jupiter and Psyche have been helping us to improve and to act for the benefit of the greater good.

At 7:27pm Venus Ingresses Libra.

At exactly the same time as the Sun exacts the Square to Jupiter, Venus will move into her own Sign of Libra. Our desires will move from service to relating. Rather than carrying the load for others, we will now want things to be balanced and reciprocated.

The rest of the evening we will begin to feel Uranus pulling into his Retrograde Station.

At 12:50pm on Tuesday Uranus at 2:34 Taurus Stations Retrograde.

Now as powerful as his Direct Station, but we will certainly FEEL his shift. Where we were seeing our path ahead being lit up, we will now be illuminating the steps we have taken since Uranus entered his Phase 1, Shadow of this Rx cycle, on Apr 20 this year at 28:36 Aries. Now he will return to that position on Jan 3, 2019 and Station Direct again crossing this same degree span (28-36 Aries to 2:34 Taurus) for the 3rd time. This is my least favorite Planet to Retrograde because I love the new revelations. There is a bonus, however, as when he Stations Direct next Jan it is like a channeling of inspiration, illumination, revelation and awareness that can knock your socks off if you let it!

For now, Uranus joins 5 other Planets (Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto) and Chiron also Retrograde. This is a LOT of ‘looking back’ energy. Things can change quickly in this energy. You can see how really non-linear our reality is! And you have to just roll with whatever happens without judging it;)

At 8;33pm Venus at 1:04 Libra Trines Mars Rx at 1:04 Aquarius.

A helpful, easy aspect between our ‘male/female’ energies. You can easily relate to a group and make new friends in the social network. Your actions could be considered beautiful and diplomatic to all who are watching.

On Wednesday we have 6 aspects with the most notable one the ‘Inferior Conjunction’ of the Sun and Mercury at 16:28 Leo. This is one of roughly 6 days all year when our thoughts are in sync with real-time and reality.

Already what you are hearing or saying is getting more closely aligned with our goals and purpose.


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