Eclipse Aspects Highlighting Negative Situations

At 2:46pm (EDST) the Moon at 19:07 Capricorn Conjuncts Pluto Rx at 19:07 Capricorn.

Here we can feel our own misuse of authority or another’s. Negativity is all a part of this game. This can be a bit uncomfortable.

At 6:05pm the Moon at 20:44 Capricorn Opposes the Jul 12 Solar Eclipse degree at 20:44 Cancer.

Now we can see how we feel about the energy of that Eclipse and the super-charged ‘fresh start’ it offered. However with Pluto Opposite that Eclipse, there is someone who is dogging us in a negative way (our shadow) showing us a side of us that is repressed. No need to antagonize them. Just feel it and see what it is saying to you.

Mars Rx at 28:37 Capricorn is sitting in a Quadranovile to the Solar Eclipse at 20:44 Cancer on Jul 12.

A 160 degree aspect offering unexpected, alternative opportunities. A man may surprise you in some way. Or an authority figure or you could initiate your own authority. See if you can identify this aspect.

Eros at 18:42 Taurus Squares the Aug 11 Solar Eclipse at 18:42 Leo.

May be hard to detect, but there is some erotic expression around women and beauty that is playful and helping you move towards the super-charged ‘fresh start’ of this Eclipse.

Lots of energy flying around at the moment. Wanted to write quickly so you could leverage these subtle aspects today. More soon as I lost power and am just getting it back on;)



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