Easy Structural Change & Hands of Merlin – Aug 27-29

Monday through Wednesday we have 2 Hands of Merlin, 5D/magical Configurations as well as Saturn Trine Uranus in their closest orb to each other. This Trine is bringing us easy change to our career structures or to the ways we earn a living or acquire resources. It is a great start to a week that holds effortless promise.

Once Mars Stations Direct at 10;05am, we will have 4 more aspects on Monday.

At 3:25pm Mars at 27:38 Capricorn Quintiles Jupiter at 16:37 Scorpio.

This is the 1st part of the Hand of Merlin. Mars is still on the exact degree of his Direct Station as he meets Jupiter and the Sun today creating an effortless ease between Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn energies.


This Quintile offers motivation to initiate structures that support our transparent and honest intimacy and sharing of resources. It all is effortless so men are likely to act on their passionate desires, though with Mars moving so slowly, it won’t likely be like getting swept off your feet. Mars is a co-ruler of Scorpio so there is plenty of merging possible here.

At 4:49pm Mercury at 16:16 Leo Ses-Squares Chiron Rx at 1:16 Aries.

This is his 3rd and cycle Ses-Square to Chiron in this cycle: Jul 13 at 17:24 Leo; Aug 8 at 16:55 Leo and today. Any adjustment in expressions towards you or from you will likely come after someone has worked through some insecurity. Keeping your words playful will allow you to feel less insecure and result in the ease that is possible here.

At 6:54pm the Sun at 4:37 Virgo Biquintiles Mars at 28:37 Capricorn.

Part 2 of the Hand of Merlin formed by the Sun, Mars and Jupiter. The effortless energy here is between work/health/service and intimacy/shared resources. You can SEE how you can support someone else’s or your own career goals and take action that assists.

At 7:26pm the Sun at 4:38 Virgo Quintiles Jupiter at 16:38 Scorpio.

This is the 3rd part of the Hand of Merlin. Now you can see the big picture of using someone else’s money to further your career goals so you can better be of service to them is a great possibility here. You can set new work goals and a ‘to-do list’ that leverages the effortless insight and new beginnings that today offers.

On Tuesday and Wednesday Venus will create a Hand of Merlin between Saturn and Neptune and herself in Libra. Relating-ships with Karmic pasts will resolve the karma and surrender control and avoidance in order to continue to relate.

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