Sun Opposite Neptune – Sep 7/8

Already the Grand Earth Trine that exacted early Friday morning is being felt. Saturn’s Direct Station has helped us all to make some decisions on how to move forward. Mercury in Virgo is going to express all of the other Planetary energies this month in some very decisive ways: he is Direct, he will not Rx in Virgo, he behind the Sun and Venus so we have the energies of both of these Planets’ earlier Transits to help Mercury make his plans. And Mercury is moving pretty quickly now so there is a clear sense of urgency to get stuff done.

At 2:27pm (EDST) on Friday the Sun at 15:05 Virgo Opposes Neptune Rx at 15:05 Pisces.

When the Sun aspects Neptune we get a look at what Neptune is dissolving in our lives. With the Sun in Virgo, which is where we externalize our subconscious energies (Neptune/Pisces), we are dealing with the purest form of our collective unconscious/subconscious mind. How do we tailor our days (Virgo) in order to avoid any fears we have (Neptune/Pisces). Do we sleep in too long? Do we feel guilty about procrastinating on some task? Are we eating right? Should we be more physically active? This is what we can SEE into today.

At 1:45am on Saturday Mercury at 3:53 Virgo Ses-Squares Pluto Rx at 18:53 Capricorn.

Here we adjust our thoughts and words in order to adjust to some authority or intimate partner’s demands. We are looking to serve someone, but we need to adjust ourselves to suit our Pluto entities and an ease will be the result.

At 4:38pm Venus at 29:37 Libra Squares Mars at 29:37 Capricorn.

Some challenge between men and women or our own internal male and female energies. Yes, we want to pursue that career goal, but it may come at the cost of some relationship needs.

At 8:29pm Mercury at 5:20 Virgo Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 5:20 Leo.

A minor but productive aspect between work plans and our sense of fun.

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