3-Way with Sun, Jupiter & Pluto – Sep 10-12

At 7:41pm on Monday Mars at 29:59 Capricorn Semi-Squares Neptune Rx at 29:59 Pisces.

At the most critical degree and minute of Capricorn, Mars makes an irritating aspect to Neptune, our collective subconscious mind. Is he sure he is acting in his own best interest? Is anyone going to get hurt if Mars steam rolls his way through to his objective? Mars moves a bit slower than the other Personal Planets so you have about 36 hours to ponder any action that you took without thinking… Mars’ style. Deal with it!

At 8:56pm Mars Ingresses Aquarius.

Mars can now move from his career objectives to motivations that serve groups of people. He will begin socializing as he moves to realize his career objectives. No man is an island so Mars seeks to meet and greet in order to put his goals into tangible dreams and realization. This is a ‘fake it til you make it’ kind of energy. Don’t be surprised if you notice couch-potatoes going out the door to meet some social network acquaintances. We will all act in ways that ensure our personal freedom, however.

At 8:10am on Tuesday the Sun at 18:43 Virgo Sextiles Jupiter at 18:43 Scorpio.

Now the ways we work and serve and our goals for personal health and fitness will work productively with our intimate philosophy. Transparency, honesty and good accounting (Virgo’s attention to detail) make for far better use of other peoples’ money. Keep track and be above board.

At 11:31am the Sun at 18:51 Virgo Trines Pluto Rx at 18:51 Capricorn.

Your attention to detail is noticed by someone in authority and they offer further financial backing or some recognition for a job well done.

A 3-way aspect between Sun, Jupiter and Pluto is in orb and Jupiter and Pluto will exact a Sextile on Wednesday at 3:55am at 18:51 of their respective Signs.

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