Hand of Merlin & Venus in Scorpio – Sep 9

At 12:47am on Sunday Mercury at 5:40 Virgo Biquintiled Mars at 29:40 Capricorn.

A nice double-magic aspect before Mars Ingresses Aquarius, again. Here we have some effortless communication with men or those in authority. Or our actions result in very favorable comments from the boss, manager, roommate, co-worker, etc. This is Part 1 of a Hand of Merlin between Mercury, Mars and Jupiter.

At 5:25am Venus Ingresses Scorpio.

She is already in the Shadow of her impending Retrograde cycle so some of our desires are likely to change over the next several weeks. But as a Scorpio Sun, Venus Transiting your own Sign is a very nice feeling as you are more attractive to others during this time. Now we will be desiring to acquire resources through the use of investment, sexual merging and the like. Our touch gets more intimate and our beauty isn’t only skin-deep.

At 6:31am Venus at 0:02 Scorpio Ses-Squares Neptune Rx at 15:02 Pisces.

Some subconscious adjustment that creates an ease. This came through a dream for me so you may recall something like that yourself. Adjusted subconscious desires.

At 10:17am Mercury at 6:25 Virgo Quintiles Jupiter at 18:25 Scorpio.

Effortless service to our intimate partners. Our service magically aligns with our intimate philosophy. Taking care of our health and lifestyle serves our intimate partner. This is Part 2 of the Hand of Merlin.

At 2:01pm the Moon at 17:00 Virgo Conjuncts the Sun at 17:00 Virgo creating the New Moon in Virgo.

Now we have the goals and our feelings around work, health, fitness, duty, service, volunteering and daily routine aligned with our feelings. It is easy to see where we are going over the next month and to set intentions accordingly. It is the annual ‘Fresh Start’ in this area of your life and Virgo things are highlighted at the moment. Pisces is also involved as Neptune Opposes the New Moon offering some subconscious clarity and intuition to the mix.

At 5:00pm the Sun at 17:07 Virgo Ses-Squares Uranus Rx at 2:07 Taurus.

Uranus Ses-Squares the New Moon suggesting that an adjustment to our New Moon intentions that revolves around our desires to acquire and our attractions will result in greater ease this month. Uranus can offer some inspiration and insight to change something so that we are better able to serve and still keep food on our own table. This is still part of the energy of the Grand Earth Trine so changes now will support all of our Earthy Energy Signs: earned income (Uranus in Taurus); jobs (Sun in Virgo); and career (Saturn in Capricorn). We are all entering a new phase around foundations in our lives.

At 5:16am on Monday Venus at 0:42 Scorpio Quincunx Chiron Rx at 0:42 Aries.

Adjusted desires offers healing. Or our intimate desires heals some insecurities we may be feeling. Men are not as initiating at the moment with Chiron in Aries, so women need to step up and show the way to being more intimate and sharing of ourselves and our resources.

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