Venus Meets Uranus & Saturn – Sep 12

At 3:55am (EDST) Jupiter at 18:31 Scorpio Sextiles Pluto Rx at 18:51 Capricorn.

This is some productive intimacy between yourself and another who may be senior to you or some authority-type. Either way, it is nice to have some productive energy with ourselves and a Pluto personality who has been challenging us since the Jul 12 Eclipse.

At 5:02am Venus at 2:03 Scorpio Opposes Uranus Rx at 2:03 Taurus.

Venus is in her Shadow, Phase 1 of her Retrograde cycle. She will Oppose Uranus three times changing up our intimate partners, our desires and ways we acquire resources. You may discover some new beauty treatments that change your normal routine. Love at first sight, or touch, is another lightning bolt you could experience. Though Uranian desires don’t last very long. They can be gone just as quickly as they came.

At 2:40pm the Sun at 19:57 Virgo Semi-Sextiles the North Node at 4:57 Leo.

A minor aspect that could bring some clarity around ways you can bring more fun to your service or your workplace. Or ways to serve up some entertainment for your children. This aspect is also very near the Lunar Eclipse of Jul 27 which occurred at 4:45 Aquarius/Leo so you could have some clarity around your relating-ships feelings with romantic partners at that time. Who was Eclipsed and why?

At 11:57pm Venus at 2:35 Scorpio Sextiles Saturn at 2:35 Capricorn.

Here Venus is showing us some intimate desires that are working productively with our career initiatives. Through her 2 aspects to both Uranus and Saturn with less than a degree between both aspects, she is showing us some of the energy of their Trine. Saturn Trine Uranus is easy change to the ‘status quo’ which are the structures of our public lives. Uranus has been showing us new ways to acquire resources as he is Transiting Taurus. He is also ruled by Venus and his sense of philanthropy and charity has us looking at our own resources differently. With Venus in Scorpio, her 2 aspects on Wednesday are hitting both ‘money Houses’ (Taurus/Scorpio) and our public/career/social status structures. How can sharing our resources be of benefit in our public authority roles? We could see some new ways for that today.

From Thursday to Sunday we have 9 aspects and 7 of them in a row are made by Mercury Transiting Virgo. If you have been waiting on word of a new job, volunteer opportunity, ways to be of service, fitness or medical results, through this weekend you are bound to hear some ideas of where things are moving and going.

Mars is applying to his 3rd Square to Uranus right now, too. So take care not to be too impulsive or reckless with your actions. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Wait for the awareness side of this aspect to present itself before you move. Mars will exact this Square on Tuesday, but the next week is unexpected change, actions and motivations. Look for the awareness you need move ahead.

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