Volunteering & Donating – Sep 13/14

At 1:36pm on Thursday Mars at 0:33 Aquarius Sextiles Chiron Rx at 0:33 Aries.

A productive aspect between our motivations to socialize and insecurity around asserting ourselves. Mars rules Chiron in Aries so there is plenty of initiating energy n this aspect, but insecurity is minimized.

At 9:31pm Mercury at 14:54 Virgo Opposes Neptune Rx at 14:54 Pisces.

Here we have some subconscious expression around what Neptune is dissolving as we see the results through our Virgo areas of work/health/fitness/living situation/duty/service. Neptune is Opposing my daughter’s Natal Sun for the 2nd time and his first pass was part of her ‘heart failure’ situation in February. There was a lot of hidden things that took time to come to light. With this aspect, Mercury will help us to express what has been hidden. Right now my daughter is in Raleigh with the Hurricane inbound. We have 7 Mercury aspects in a row the next few days and many of them are likely to be expressed through the Weather Channel for those near there and their family/friends. There is no fear here, but it is interesting. Neptune rules water and therefore the Water Cycle. The east Coast will be experiencing some dissolving of the coastline and inundated with rain.

At 7:53am on Friday Mercury at 15:44 Virgo Ses-Squares Mars at 0:44 Aquarius.

Like the Hurricane, Mars is still moving slow as he pulls out of his Direct Station. He is hovering at 0+ Aquarius for a few days as he prepares to Square Uranus. Mercury is moving through a point equidistant from both Planets offering us some expression and ideas of this Square. Mercury Ses-Square Mars is saying ‘Volunteer with the Red Cross’ or donate money to those affected and in need. Aquarius rules charity and philanthropy and Virgo rules service. You get the idea. There is an adjustment here that leads to an ‘ease.’

At 11:44pm Mercury at 16:59 Virgo Ses-Squares Uranus Rx at 1:59 Taurus.

If you didn’t donate or volunteer earlier, you may get another flash of inspiration to do so. You may have some issue in your own backyard that you are compelled to ‘serve’ with the use of your own funds (Taurus). Though you may be surprised (Uranus) at yourself for suddenly doing so. Or this could also be a change of desires that comes from your need to serve as well.

The next 23 hours will find us with Mercury applying to Trine Pluto so there is some relief from our financial backers (government types and other authorities or bankers) that supports your ideas for service and volunteering.

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