Karma = the Sting & the Superior Conjunction – Sep 20

At 7:20am (EDST) Venus at 6:47 Scorpio Quintiles Pluto Rx at 18:47 Capricorn.

Effortless merging of desires with authority and intimacy. It doesn’t get much nicer than this around our money and our intimacy. Here we will all be willing to put our money and skin in the game and it will magically result in the ways that we would want it to.

At 9:43pm Saturn at 2:43 Capricorn Quintiles Neptune Rx at 14:43 Pisces.

This is effortless Karmic Returns. Look to the House where you have these 2 Planets Transiting to see who you are enjoying this ease with. Saturn in 3D wants to control the intimacy or relationship while Neptune would want to either avoid the relationship and merge into intimacy or other things to avoid Saturn’s control. But this 5D aspect takes all of the sting out of any situation. You have likely been feeling this for several weeks now and this is the chance to really SEE it and understand something about 5D magic.

At 9:52pm the Sun at 28:03 Virgo Conjuncts Mercury at 28:03 Virgo.

One of 6 days each year where our conscious mind (Mercury) is in sync with real-time/reality (Sun). This is the Superior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury. What gets expressed all day today is as accurate as our 3D mind can be. We will be discussing all things Virgo: work/health/fitness/service/duty/volunteering with co-workers, healthcare professionals, fitness trainers, etc. But look to the House where you have 28+ Virgo to see WHO you are also discussing things with and setting new goals with at this time.


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